Zionism IS racism!

B"H - Of course Zionism is racism, as it is The Force that actively prevents us, observant Jews, to establish our prescribed Torah state on G-d's Land. Only to religious Jews it is prohibited to live in a Land where Torah Law is the law of the land: The xtians are allowed to have their Vatican, not exactly a democracy and the Muslims have a moltitude of sharia states. Only Torah-observant Jew are forced to live under a secularist sovreignty, a so called democracy that goes against our most basic principles!

- This is a comment on  Kerry: Zionism is not equal racism
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The State's army, the IDF, against Torah and Shomron Jews

B"H - Yesterday (11 Nov. '15) the weekly Rav. Richter shiur on the Tapuah West hill was moved down to the Tzomet, to the Tapuah Junction, in view of the recent terror attack there. The IDF quickly sent a jeep and swiftly removed the holy books and the learning Jews and their rabbi from the Junction, pulling and pushing us and shouting at us, as if we were the enemy. A video of the incident will be added to this post as soon as it is available, please check back The commander of this unit was the same guy who had us pulled and pushed when we had the shiur (weekly Torah lesson) at the IDF-occupieed Yitzhar yeshiva (Jewish religious academy).

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