Is the Temple Mount our only problem? The short answer is: No.

B"H - Agreed, however I don't think the problem is limited to the person of Prime Minister Netanyahu. I think running a democratic republic on the Land of Israel, that is the State of Israel, is a huge Torah violation. The fact that this State doesn't build the Temple on the Mount is just a symptom of it not being Jewish and one reason we should be and indeed must pretend the re-establishment of all of our Torah institutions, not just the Temple. In fact Torah is a Constitution for us and if we are not prepared to act it out, we compromise our very purpose the Creator put us in this world at the first place. This understanding goes beyond the so called religious Zionist perception of events, which to this poster seems not only rather limited but deviated from core Torah values, like the worshiping of Hashem and not other entities, like the secular State. For more comments and analysis you can visit my blog, The Torah Revolution.

- This is a comment on The Temple Mount War: No Escaping the Truth-Interview with Rabbi David Bar-Hayim
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