The only hate speach here is the one against Amir

B"H - It seems that the only democracy in the Middle East just cannot keep under control its wild, innermost, autocratic, true essence.

- This is talkback #17 on Yigal Amir's brother arrested for incitement
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It seems that YNet learned how to censor fb comments too


YNet uses Facebook Content Plugin and it seems that they removed/censored the following section:

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Ariel Ben Yochanan ·
B"H - Your beloved antisemitic IDF arrests Jews as they are guilty of being attacked by Arab mob
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Scott Adler ·
University High School, Los Angeles, California
By the way, Ariel, have you served in the IDF?
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Ariel Ben Yochanan ·
Scott Adler, of course not, I wouldn't associate myself with an organization that lifts its hand as it were against the Jewish people. Besides, I think the oath of allegiance to the State they require their soldiers to swear is against the Shma, in which we offer our allegience to Hashem as Jews. From this too one can see that the real and mostly hidden evil purpose of the IDF is to separate the Jew from his Torah. Now you will say "How dare you talk like this, they are defending you", The answer is that they could defend me perfectly well even without swearing away their Judaism. Actually, they could defend me a lot better!
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Daniel BenHillel ·
Investment Manager at International Trading Company
Why have we not heard nothing from old men like Rivlin or Peres when they burn one of our holy sites and we do hear so inflamed words when their is an arson in a church?
Maybe for Mr. Peres Jewishness is not important?
Maybe for Mr. Rivlin there is no political gain in doing so?
I do believe that they help the enemy by taking positions like this!
A Jew, an Israeli must be proud and not a coward!
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Thea Van Den Berg
you don't think the IDF has enough on it's plate without having to rescue stupid Israelis who think they are above laws?
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Ariel Ben Yochanan ·
Poor IDF, Thea Van Den Berg? I say they are anti-Semitic and so is your post. According to the "law" Jews have constant access to holy sites and burning them is illegal! Are you kidding? Have you gone completely insane?
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David Rafael ·
Ra'anana, Israel
Ariel Ben Yochanan Please find me this so called "law" that states that Jews have 24/7 access to holy sites...? I'm not talking about religous law, I'm talking about Israeli law. After all, it's not the religious people that are tasked with keeping the peace and stability in the area.
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Zal Lackow
Thea vandenberg, they are not israelis, but "settlers", a radical fanatical sect. And it's probably a lie.
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Yishai A. Kohen ·
How dare Jews pray in their holy places! They are set aside for Muslims to destroy. It's their "right".
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Moe Smasher
Either take over the territories totally or get out.

What's happening there now is a metastasizing cancer.
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- This is a comment on Israelis assaulted trying to enter Joseph's Tomb
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Your beloved antisemitic IDF arrests Jews as they are guilty of being attacked by Arab mob

B"H - This is a comment on Israelis assaulted trying to enter Joseph's Tomb

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Is the Temple Mount our only problem? The short answer is: No.

B"H - Agreed, however I don't think the problem is limited to the person of Prime Minister Netanyahu. I think running a democratic republic on the Land of Israel, that is the State of Israel, is a huge Torah violation. The fact that this State doesn't build the Temple on the Mount is just a symptom of it not being Jewish and one reason we should be and indeed must pretend the re-establishment of all of our Torah institutions, not just the Temple. In fact Torah is a Constitution for us and if we are not prepared to act it out, we compromise our very purpose the Creator put us in this world at the first place. This understanding goes beyond the so called religious Zionist perception of events, which to this poster seems not only rather limited but deviated from core Torah values, like the worshiping of Hashem and not other entities, like the secular State. For more comments and analysis you can visit my blog, The Torah Revolution.

- This is a comment on The Temple Mount War: No Escaping the Truth-Interview with Rabbi David Bar-Hayim
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On the Henkin murder in particular and on terrorism in general

B"H - She may not call for revenge but Judaism does. Unfortunately these Zionists are rewriting Torah and Hashem may not like this at all. Those of you who prefer to worship G-d, rather than the State, may realize that nothing is by chance or by accident and that Hashem rules the world and does things for a reason. We may not know the reason, but it doesn't mean He does things without reasoning.What appears tragic to us, may very well be an act of mercy, as the victims are now in a Better Place and may be saved from many years of terrible sinning. Baruch Dayan Emet!

- This is a comment on 'It's Impossible to Digest What Those Children Went Through'
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Why YNet is insisting on using the term "West Bank"?

B"H - While correct geographically, the term "West Bank" is a Jordanian occupation term of Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem, coined by the British to de-Judaize the ancient, biblical topography. Continuing to use such terminology today, 48 years after the liberation of the Jewish Heart-Land denotes the political will of the traitorous Left not to accept the reality. Sorry folks, Jews are here to stay!

This is a comment on Eitam and Na'ama Henkin murdered in West Bank terror attack
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Important correction

B"H - You forgot to list a very important item: Sunday afternoon, Sept. 27 Erev Sukot Ariel ben Yochanan enters the Jewish town of Karnei Shomron and doesn't leave until after the Havdalah on Monday, Sept. 28. During his historic holiday visit he discuses Jewish matters with his host Bernie and with his six sons, Avi, Eli, Yitzhik, Yoel, Ephraim and Moshy. May G-d bless their beautiful Jewish souls and support them in every endeavor!

- This is a comment on CRAZY High Holy Days 5776
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