On the IDF's swearing in oath

B"H - Even if we want to forget and sweep under the carpet the fact that the IDF allows itself to be used against the Children of Israel and the Land of Israel, we can't ignore the fact that in order to be a soldier it requires people to swear an oath of allegiance with the secular State. Oaths are a subject that is regulated by halacha, Jewish Law, and are not a laughing matter: We mean what we say and held responsible for it. As it happens, the IDF oath goes against the Shma, in which we declare our allegiance with Hashem for all generations.This is what makes us Jews. In this way (it is my opinion that Satan makes) the soldiers swear away their Judaism, even if most of them will never actually realize this and this last aspect, the operation's clandestine nature is the one that makes it so successful and devastating.

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This lecture is about education..


.. But it could be about Judaism too. The idea is that broken systems cannot be "improved". A Golden Calf will never "improve" to be a Moshe. For a Torah state on the Land of Israel, the secular State of Israel will have to go: It cannot be "improved", as the Zionists claim.

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Shira indeed died in battle - on the wrong side!

B"H - Shira indeed died in battle, but NOT for a tolerant Israel, but against the Jews, Torah and eventually against Hashem. I don't understand how any of the gay pride marchers on Jerusalem expect to survive, knowing full well the extent of their great offense against G-d.

- This is a comment on Parents eulogize Pride parade victim: Shira died in battle for more tolerant Israel
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