On rabbi Mizrachi's take on the attack at the gay parade, and on the arab home

B"H - Even if the good rabbi mentions the war waged on "religion", on the Jews, on Torah and on G-d, for some reason he refuses to walk the walk and follow this theme to its logical and halachic consequence and state that the laws on obligatory war are applicable here and not those on homosexuality. We are not only allowed. but required to kill against Chilul Hashem, the public desecration of G-d's Name and calling an obvious Kidush Hashem, the sanctification of G-d's Name a Chilul Hashem is a huge error I'm sorry to say. The rabbi's rabbi, Rav. Ovadia, comited the same error when he ruled for disengagement 10 years ago, claiming that protecting lives comes first. Not so. We have a concept on obligatory wars and it seems that Rav. Ovadia and his followers fail to understand that wars per definition cost lives and do away with it in one stroke.This is taking away from Torah. It also pains me greatly to see this rabbi swim with the tide of the frightened and assimilated Jewish masses by naming an obvious Kidush Hashem Chilul Hashem: Unacceptable!

- This is a comment on Permission To Kill (Parashat Ekev) The Attack At The Gay Parade, And On The Arab Home
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