On why Zionism is idol worshiping in six points

1. The secular State of Israel has no intrinsic Torah value.
2. The holy bond is between the Children of Israel and the Land of Israel, both Torah quantities. The State usurps this bond and makes a mockery of it.
3. Attributing holiness to the secular State simply is false messianism and we should treat it as such.
4. Rav. Kook was a Torah crook, pun intended, as it is a mitzvah to make fun of idol worshipers.
5. The students and followers of Rav. Kook, with other words the so called “religious” Zionists are practitioners of a new religion, called Zionism, that replaces the worshiping of Hashem with that of the renaissance of the Jewish People in general and with that of the State of Israel and its IDF in particular.
6. Not all Zionists are guilty as many of them belong to the halachic category of kidnapped children.

- This is a comment on Parashat Vaetchanan (The Status Of A Person Before And After A Sin) 
and on Would You Help These Jewish Refugees?

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