On the 10th Eden Natan Zada yhartzeit

B"H - The 10th Eden Natan Zada yhartzeit came and went yesterday, without making much noise in the media and even social media was silent about it apart from the efforts of one little woman, Sari Ashkenazi. I went with her at the appointed time advertised and found no one at the gravesite, in Rishon Letzion’s Gordon cemetery. It should be mentioned here that rumors have been skillfully circulated concerning the family’s opposition to “our”, his old friends’ presence there. Some basic and unsophisticated detective-work however show fundamental flaws in the story. A quick and even superficial glance of Eden’s tombstone revealed that nobody visited there in the past 24 hours. Exhibit # 1, the tombstone was dusty and exhibit # 2, there were still warm burned-out 24 hour candles placed on the tomb. So, the question arises, why would the family object to the presence of Eden’s friends at his tomb, when they themselves are not planning to be there on the proper yhartzite date? There are many possible answers to this question, but my take is that they might have been influenced to make this request by the Jewish department of the Israeli security service and if this is indeed the case, we shouldn’t have let our yetzer hara, our individual laziness, to win the day over so easily. Indeed it is much easier not to do the right thing rather than doing it, remembering Eden and the pork that surrounds his murder, especially when we are provided with a valid-sounding alibi. After all we know, Satan is very clever, still the authentically authentic Jewish idea is not to succumb to it.

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