Obama's America is just like the USSR 40 years ago

B"H - This is a comment on Obama Won't Let Pollard Out of US
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On why Zionism is idol worshiping in six points

1. The secular State of Israel has no intrinsic Torah value.
2. The holy bond is between the Children of Israel and the Land of Israel, both Torah quantities. The State usurps this bond and makes a mockery of it.
3. Attributing holiness to the secular State simply is false messianism and we should treat it as such.
4. Rav. Kook was a Torah crook, pun intended, as it is a mitzvah to make fun of idol worshipers.
5. The students and followers of Rav. Kook, with other words the so called “religious” Zionists are practitioners of a new religion, called Zionism, that replaces the worshiping of Hashem with that of the renaissance of the Jewish People in general and with that of the State of Israel and its IDF in particular.
6. Not all Zionists are guilty as many of them belong to the halachic category of kidnapped children.

- This is a comment on Parashat Vaetchanan (The Status Of A Person Before And After A Sin) 
and on Would You Help These Jewish Refugees?

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On Tisha b'Av

B"H - Q. Is Tisha b'Av obligatory and can one work?
- A: The short answer is yes and yes, Tisha B'Av is not a yom tov (holiday) it is a public fast day. Let me mention here that for those of us who don't recognize the various secular memorial days and Zionist Yom HaShoa in Israel, this is the proper day on the Jewish  calendar to memorialize the Six Million perished, may their souls be blessed in eternity!
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On the 10th Eden Natan Zada yhartzeit

B"H - The 10th Eden Natan Zada yhartzeit came and went yesterday, without making much noise in the media and even social media was silent about it apart from the efforts of one little woman, Sari Ashkenazi. I went with her at the appointed time advertised and found no one at the gravesite, in Rishon Letzion’s Gordon cemetery. It should be mentioned here that rumors have been skillfully circulated concerning the family’s opposition to “our”, his old friends’ presence there. Some basic and unsophisticated detective-work however show fundamental flaws in the story. A quick and even superficial glance of Eden’s tombstone revealed that nobody visited there in the past 24 hours. Exhibit # 1, the tombstone was dusty and exhibit # 2, there were still warm burned-out 24 hour candles placed on the tomb. So, the question arises, why would the family object to the presence of Eden’s friends at his tomb, when they themselves are not planning to be there on the proper yhartzite date? There are many possible answers to this question, but my take is that they might have been influenced to make this request by the Jewish department of the Israeli security service and if this is indeed the case, we shouldn’t have let our yetzer hara, our individual laziness, to win the day over so easily. Indeed it is much easier not to do the right thing rather than doing it, remembering Eden and the pork that surrounds his murder, especially when we are provided with a valid-sounding alibi. After all we know, Satan is very clever, still the authentically authentic Jewish idea is not to succumb to it.

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Let's educate our children to become good Jews, Hashem's loyal royalists!

B"H - [This latest video is the] Same old Zionist Haredi bashing, I'm sorry to say. As far as mathematics are concerned, even in the secular world there is a serious discussion about abolishing the teaching of maths as it is widely viewed as useless, apart for a minute minority of students, like those who want to become accountants or computer scientists for example. As far as English is concerned, doesn't it say right in Balak that we read a few weeks ago, that we shall be a nation that dwells alone? In effect English can lead a student to a lot of the filth of the nations and I think it is far better to keep them away from all that staff that can so easily lead to avodah zara. I personally refused to teach English to a son of a friend of mine, a pure Jewish soul, going against my own economic interests, for this reason. It is truly sad to hear a brilliant mind, like Rav. Bar-Hayim, to speak like this, clearly for preconceived political reasons: How can it be bad for Jewish  children to learn Jewish subjects and to have a pure Torah curriculum, when precisely this system kept us and Torah alive for millennia? Let's not succumb to the pressures of the modern world, which is secularism, and let's give our children all and the only Torah they really need to succeed in the Jewish mission, in becoming loyal royalists of Hashem!

- This is a comment on Torah and Life or Torah Versus Life? Interview with Rabbi David Bar-Hayim
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IDF treats Jews as Arabs

B"H - The very idea that they consider Jews as Arabs means that they are not "our" soldiers and that the idiot Zionists who say that they are, are liars and traitors of the Children of Israel.

- This is a comment on IDF command: the rules of engagement in front of Jewish rioters - like the Palestinians (the link is to the computer translated article)

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