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The Obama Administration's Pitch to Delude Jews into Boarding the Train on The Path to their Own Destruction As The Iran Nuclear Decision  Nears - A Disingenuous Failure
  An Israeli journalist, Yoram Sheptal, speaks out

  Some say that the American president Barak Obama is naive in his approach to his responsibilities as Executor in Chief. Inexperienced in government and unfamiliar with foreign affairs and particularly clueless to the realities in the Middle East. The reality is much different. He is quite astute on many matters and particularly on the matter of the politics surrounding the discussion of the proposed Iranian nuclear deal.  American conservatives are becoming increasingly apprehensive, if not frightened by the dangerous consequences of the fallout from the potential nuclear deal. Most liberals, unperturbed by all this, for various reasons, remain safely in the Obama camp. However amongst the liberal Obama supporters, there is one glaring exception. This is the American Jew. His continued support for Obama and his nuclear deal with Iran, is critical as to how that issue will be decided. Obama is quite cognizant of all this. Thus, in the last couple of weeks, we have seen a concerted effort by the Obama Administration to get as many Jews on board the train of American Jewish approval of the Iranian nuclear deal. A prime example of this, is the interview given by Obama, to a the well known Israeli radio personality, last week. Quite a harsh commentary one may say. But the issue is that critical and that dangerous, particularly if you dedicated to or depend on Israeli and Jewish survival.

  Thus, an interview given by Arutz Sheva, in Hebrew, in response, last week to Yoram Sheptal, a well known and outspoken lawyer, appearing frequently in the Israeli media, on President Obama and his attitude on Jews and the State of Israel, particularly as this is expressed in his conducting of the Iranian nuclear deal, has particular pertinence and urgency to the Jewish public. Key points translated from that interview are as follows.

     In the interview, Yoram Sheptal states that the current American administration, under the leadership of Barak Obama, has clear intentions to destroy the State of Israel, G-d forbid. Sheptal, confident that this attempt and aspiration will fail, none the less, feels obliges to state this unequivocally, particularly since others can not or will not express themselves in such a manner. "Therefore Obama has been endeavoring, from the minute he came to power, to achieve the destruction of the state of Israel. Yes, we must say these things that need to be said. Obviously, Netanyahu can not say these things nor can any of the government's ministers. ..". "The Israeli media, not only can say these things but is obligated to do so. Obama is working for the elimination of Israel in two ways…"

  Why this is so clear to Sheptal, he points outs, is because the anti Israeliism and anti- Zionism of Obama, are identical, one and the same, with Obama's anti-Semitism. The State of Israel and Zionism is now, and has been for the last 67 years the essence of Judaism. Clear anti-Israelism is clear anti-semitism. No further explanation is needed. "Anti- Israeliism and anti Zionism is really what characterizes Obama from the minute he was elected to the Presidency, beginning with his notorious Cairo speech" .( In that speech, Obama  falsely implied  that Israel's so called degradation of Arabs and denial to them of opportunity, as experienced by the Arab population in the areas coming under Jewish control in 1967 was an endemic expression of Israeli society's values and behavior, as those values and behavior must have impinged similarly and continue to do so at the present in the areas where Arabs have been dominated by Israeli rule since  1948,in adjacent areas. Thus in presenting the Arab-Jewish social reality as such Obama, joined in the traditional anti-semtic contention that in the course of encounter with a Jew, the non Jew is at a risk of some degree of abuse or victimization, particularly in the case when Jews acquire dominance)

 "Obama is not ant-semitic, he is fanatically ant-semitic", says Sheptal." "The best proof of this are the three obedient Jewish which stooges which surround him ".  "All of them are extreme ant-Zionists. As a case in point, he quotes, Martin Indyk, to demonstrate, how this Obama subordinate strives to implement, Obama's anti semitic aspiration to eliminate Israel. Indyk, the former Special Envoy to the negotiations between Israel and the PLO, until approximately last year at this time, is quoted by Sheptal. "Martin Indyk, an overt Israel hater, said in an interview, a couple of years ago, that, 'Israel should get used to, that eventually, if she wants to survive,  she must be something like Hong Kong, because eventually she will have to withdraw from the Galilee and the Negev, because of the Arab population there.' "

   "Obama is striving to eliminate Israel in two ways. The first way is physical destruction-real destruction- by way of Iranian nuclear capacity. Obama, the pathological liar,. . . announced that at the outset of the Iranian nuclear talks, that the goal of negotiations was to dismantle the potential for Iran to achieve nuclear capacity. "However, as opposed to this, Obama, if his plan succeeds, which is highly in doubt, intends to turn Iran into a nascent nuclear power, which according to his own very words, Iran will then be (after the agreement) a year away from achieving the capacity to produce a nuclear bomb. This would be with approval of the international community…"  "If .Obama says this, clearly… it is much less than a year's time. It is also abundantly clear, that the United States, will do absolutely nothing, to really monitor and enforce compliance with this degrading and terrifying agreement." "Secondly, Obama knows that Iran wants a bomb… in order to destroy Israel. The undeniable upshot of this is ,that the Obama and Khameini duo, are the architects of an attempt, which needless to say will not succeed, to destroy Israel.

"As to the second approach, there is the relentless pursuit to create a neo Nazi Jihadist fascist Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria, in the heart of the Land of Israel, and of course in eastern Jerusalem."a
"We must recognize this reality!"

In closing, Sheptal, reiterates the obligation of the Israeli media to speak the truth, as against the background of attempts to distort reality, in this most dangerous period for Israel and Jews everywhere. He characterizes the recent  interview given by Obama, as the debate in the United States and amongst the Jewish public, on the Iran deal reaches its crescendo,  as an," attempt, initiated by Obama, to stupefy the brains of the Israeli public", in cooperation with  local elements within Israel which, only operate to execute Obama's biddings.

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