Pamela Geller is a courageous woman

B"H - Pamela Geller’s anti-radical Islam stance probably earned her a place on several terrorist groups’ hit lists and it is unlikely that she can just go down to her local grocery store any time soon to buy a bar of chocolates or a bottle of oil. She is not only a courageous woman to stand up against Islamists, but a generous one too, having sacrificed her personal freedom for the rest of her biological life for the cause.
What she does though is not Kiddush Hashem, sanctification of G-d’s Name, “Freedom of speech” not being a Torah value. Actually, it is an anti-Torah, Western value. As Jews we pray three times a day and in one of our prayers we ask G-d guidance to help us say only the right things with our mouths. Geller makes no secret of her Jewish origins, yet her image is Western: She does not cover her hair, she does not dress modestly, she uses jewelry and makeup. This kind of public behavior is spitting Hashem, our G-d in the face and no Jew can approve of it.
So, in conclusion, the final message has to be this: Pamela Geller, please stop the public desecration of the G-d of Israel’s Name!

- This is a comment on Pamela Geller’s War On Radical Islam And Everybody Else
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