Iran threat?

B"H - Maybe. But we also must not forget that fear-mongering is a typical tactic of the establishments to sell THEIR providing security for the populations. Now, in Israel we are surrounded with real enemies, but in my view this situation is the direct result and consequence of a conscious choice of the Israeli establishment, as they need the external threat to stay in power and rule over us in their un-Jewish ways. And I didn't even use the Z word! :)

- This is a talkback on The U. S. Sells Israel Down the River,...and Admits It!
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Esser Agaroth said...

I agree with you, probably 90%, maybe even more.

You're absolutely right about the fear-mongering tactic.

In Israel, this also maybe very well be what is going on. But, the Israeli establishment is only fooling themselves.

There is a real threat. Even if "they" think that "they" are in control, "they" are not. HaShem is.