Ahead of the so called Yom Yerushalayim (Jerusalem Day) we must say loud and clear that this Hellenistic Jerusalem is the most corrupt and most un-Jewish Jerusalem of all times in our history

B"H - As you know, I'm not as optimistic as you are on these issues. I think the very fact that Hashem sent us these enemies and that He continues to do so is an indication of at least two things. One is to express His opposition to and displeasure with what we are doing here, namely running a non-Torah and therefore anti-Torah, secular State, on His Land of all places: Absurd, if you think about it, a daily and public Chilul Hashem, a desecration of His Name, for crying out loud! I think to claim that what is established here is a "Jewish sovereignty" is rather far fetched and amounts to be an oh so obvious lie of which we, as a nation want to believe in and so choose to live in a collective denial. I'm not interested in participating in this, I think just because Hashem sends miracles in the State's direction does not absolve us from having to do our duty, that is to say to be His loyal royalists and no one else's: Let Him do what He has to do and not substitute Him with ourselves, something that the Kookist Zionist stream loves to do. So, this is one. Two, I even contest what I see as their propaganda "victory" narrative. In my dictionary victory means the elimination of the enemy or its will to fight. Instead, what clearly is in front of our eyes, is that all of our enemies are not only there, in place, but they are stronger than ever and as willing to send us into the sea or up again in smoke, as ever. This is no "victory". At best, it is "conflict management". The third thing that outright irritates me at this point is your plural licking up to them: It is unthinkable that learned Jews like yourself (singular) shy away from pointing out to the rest of us that the celebrated Jerusalem is the most corrupt and most un-Jewish of all the Jerusalems in our history. It is unthinkable that many of you, students and followers of the rabbi who set out to change things from within and got killed, and his son got killed, are now the staunchest defenders of the status quo and supporters of the State that proactively stands there to prevent us from having a Torah reality. I know, you say it's a "process" and that we have to allow time and that the State is a tool and that it is a vessel and so on. I say maybe, but that doesn't mean we don't have to state loudly, day and night what the goal is and keep licking up to them, as if they were doing the right thing. They are not. In this way we only render ourselves as guilty as they themselves, the Erev Rav are.

- This is a comment on Parashat Bechukkotay & Yom Herut Yerushalayim: Together Again
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etzehad said...

do you know the reason nobody commented yet? because you are living in denial and only cause the reality is not the image you have and to have an image is avoda zara. let hashem judge our times and be happy to be alive among yehudim with all the sfarim and for the first time since the hurban with the real freedom of choice, in these times of changing that most of our sages didn't want to be except rav yoseph that was ready to be there even on the shade of the dung of the donkey of the maschiach. nobody said gheullah wil be a pleasant transition and it is like developing a negative photo to 3D since the galutic yehudi is the flat negative of the real one as it is well exposed in bechuccotay and try to give cavod to any yehudi that lives in eretz israel since this is the major teaching our sages inheritated to us hag sameach