Rabbi Mizrachi on idol worshiping

B"H - I know of a kosher certified Indian restaurant in Cincinnati, Amma's Kitchen, that displays on its wall an image of one of these multi-armed Indian deities. It actually has been seen worshiped (an employee bowed to it). I wrote to the consenting local rabanut to warn them and they choose to ignore the problem. Also, there is a highly respected so called "rabbi" in the Shomron, who allows for Hayovel xtian volunteers to "help" local greedy farmers with their zero cost free labor. Let's state loud and clear that all the wine that comes off their hands is treif, even if kosher certified, as we are not allowed to benefit from idol worshiping.

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A dissonant voice on "yom HaShoa"

B"H - Am Yisrael Chai! The problem here is that kneset has no right to introduce chagim to the Jewish calendar and even if it had this right, the current "yom HaShoa" is not a congruent day in the month of Nissan, when Jews are not suppose to mourn. Also, the silent minute is of xtian origin and has nothing to do with our customs and the other manifestations adopted for this secular day by the State, like the sounding of the Sirens and the stopping of vehicles in the middle of the road, are also completely alien to Jewish tradition. I'm deeply offended by this reckless use of my Holocaust-victim grandparents' memory by the secularists in Israel and  I resent that they willingly force us to go against Jewish tradition!

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