If the entire assembly of Israel shall err

B"H - At discussing the corbanot, the sacrifices, from last week's portion of the Tanach, Parshas Vayikra 4.13, we learn that it is perfectly possible that the whole nation sins, as a result of a matter being obscured to it. Following the Israeli elections, of course I'm referring to the rabbis silence on the wrongs of endorsing the non-Torah and therefore anti-Torah institutions of the State, like the kneset. The Sifra derives that the term entire assembly of Israel refers only to the Great Sanhedrin. Radak (Shorashim) on the other hand explains that it can refer to the entire nation or to the Sanhedrin, depending on the context. As we don't have a Sanhedrin at present, it is up to the individual Jews and to the hahamim to warn the nation against participating in and collaborating with the non-Torah agencies of the secular State.

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Real Breslov said...

If only more people saw this as plain and clearly as you put it here.