Rav Yehuda Richter Shiur in Kfar Tapuach 22 Shvat 5775 (Feb. 11 2015) on the State of Israel part 1

B"H - I have permission to reveal here that the son of this rabbi, Benyamin Richter, was sentenced last week for three years in prison (he is kept captive by the Zionists in their Ramle prison) by the evil administration of the so called justice of this evil so called "Jewish" State, for having spray painted a Magen David on a wall in an Arab-occupied settlement in the Shomron. That's while the defense minister of this Bibi Netanyahu government, Yaalon, prolonged the military occupation of the yeshiva in Yitzar for another six months. May the traitors and enemies of Hashem and of the Children of Israel be cursed and crushed!

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The secular State of Israel cannot possibly be "Redemptive".

B"H - What you call "Redemptive Zionism" is only a Kookist, modern day, false messianism: No Golden Calf can become Moshe.

- This is a comment on A Tale of Two Zionisms
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Let's say NO to the vote for kneset, no matter what!

B"H - This essay is music to my ears, rare and therefore precious, even though I would argue that ANY vote for kneset is anti-Torah in as much as we voted for Hashem under the Mount in Sinai for all generations and so it is not the case for a Jew to default on that allegiance.

- This is a comment on Twelve Reasons Why I'm (Probably) Not Voting in the Upcoming Elections || שתים עשר סיבות למה (מִן הַסְתָם) אני לא אשתתף בבחירות הקרובות
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