Warning: Zionists decieve!

B"H - Unfortunately those who say we have a Jewish army are wrong. I wish they were right and we had a Jewish army, but we don't. The IDF is not "our great strength" but theirs, the Erev Rav State's. Most of the kids go in there with the purest of intentions, but then a terrible thing happens: Satan co-opts them. It's called the Swearing in ceremony in which the soldiers are required, by the IDF, to swear allegiance to the secular State and to its legal command-chain, essentially making them sign away their Judaism: Jews are Jews because they swore allegiance to Hashem under the Mount in Sinai for all generations and of course one doesn't understand why the IDF needs to undo this holy bond. Or better, one understands it all too well. So, don't let yourselves be confused, the IDF are soldiers of the secular State, not of the precious G-d fearing Children of Israel. As such they are foreign occupiers of the Land of Israel, just like the Turks or the British were. The only difference is that with the Turks and with the British we knew they were not us, whereas these Zionists deceive and pretend to be "us".

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