On Rav. Bar-Hayim's Rambam Went Up to Har HaBayit video

B"H - The Rav himself mentions that the situation today on the Mount is not like it was in the times of the Rambam, that today the Jews fight for the right to pray there. Therefore, and quite apart from the halachic reasons of other rabbanim the Rav ironyzes over, by saying that they must know the laws better than the Rambam himself, it is questionable whether we can engage in an activity that can be interpreted as Chilul Hashem, namely going to the Palace of all Palaces of all things and not praising the King or praising the King in a distorted manner or being arrested for it by worthless goyim or by their servants, who, in addition, wage war on us. Allowing ourselves to be put and publicly in such an undignified position may constitute a de-facto bowing in front of such goyim and therefore prohibited and punished with karet. As we can see, the stakes are extremely high and in my humble opinion it is not obvious at all that the risk the Rav doesn't deal with in this video worth the while. Unfortunately, as the question of visiting Har Habait becomes more and more a focus of contemporary politics, it becomes more and more difficult to separate halacha, Jewish Law, from political interests, from issues which the Religious Zionist movement is interested in pushing and the Rav is known to be a supporter of that particular group of Kookist warriors, presenting a false messianic Torah view vis-à-vis the State in general and it's being a stage of Redemption in particular. As we have to present ourselves in front of the Creator on Judgement Day individually, with our own baggage of deeds as it were, I cannot help but wonder how the Rav can assume the responsibility of instigating people to assume such, in my view unacceptably high risks.

- This is a comment on Rambam Went Up to Har HaBayit
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