Bye-bye democracy, hello totalitarianism

B"H - Since when the attorney general or the police has the power to overrule a court decision? What is in front of our eyes in Israel today is in fact an episode of putsch in which the executive branch overtakes the judiciary, creating what is known as totalitarianism. As she gave up, even if temporarily the rule of her own secular law, technically speaking Israel today suspended her much acclaimed democracy.

- This is a comment on Watch: Duma suspect finally released
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B"H - Rav. Richter shiur in Givat Tapuah "for the sake of Heaven and for the release of those great Jews who are arrested right now"

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War: Guess who will win it? Those who are with or against G-d?

B"H - Fact: The Arab nation wages a war against the Jewish people. According to our Jewish Law this renders each Arab "guilty" individually, meaning that there are no "innocent" Arabs: Even if the Jewish suspects of the Dawabsheh killings case (not "murders", in Judaism we distinguish between killing and murder), even if they were guilty of the "crimes" attributed to them and confessed under torture, they would still be "guilty" only according to the non Jewish Israeli laws of the Stare. In Torah Law they cannot possibly be "guilty" as they would have been fighting an obligatory war forced on us by the Arabs. If the State of Israel was Jewish, as they claim, and the IDF was a Jewish army, they themselves would have had to do these killings and a lot more. So, with the now widely publicized torture of the youth on the hands of the Shabak's Jewish department, what is in front of our eyes is an attempt to crack down on Torah Jews and on Torah Judaism by the secular, Zionist State of Israel. That's the real dimension of what is going on, a war of religion waged against the Jews, Torah and eventually against Hashem! Guess who will win? Those who are with or against G-d?

- This is a comment on Radical right-wing wedding video condemned
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It's time to turn the page!

B"H - Most people don't realize that the Jewish character of the State is being challenged here and that the established institutions of the State are proving themselves to be abusive, anti-Semitic, outdated and insufficient: As Jews we deserve our prescribed Torah institutions on the Land and these Jew-hater impostors must be swepped away and prevented from accessing power and perpetrate their anti-Jewish pogroms and acts of violence against Jews. The situation has come to a point where we either decide to enforce Jewish sovereignty on the Land, or perish under these evil Zionists.

 - This is a comment on Netanyahu backs Shin Bet as right-wing protests continue
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Do Justice – End the Pollard Travesty! by guest author Barouch Levi


A number of years ago, the American ambassador to Israel, during the second Bush Administration, expressed his opinion, and as the U.S. envoy, to a great degree, expressed his government's opinion, of the deeds of Jonathan Pollard. He said that Pollard's acts, were of such a serious nature, that Jews should be grateful that he was not executed. All the more telling, was that this comment was made before a Jewish and Israeli audience in the sovereign State of Israel! These comments came, not from some extreme right-wing member of a veteran's organization, of some rural area, isolated from developments, but one from a liberally educated, mainstream background. A former Soviet, Jewish dissident, appealing to the ambassador in a well worded appeal for Pollard, on the need to honor values of justice and human rights, had no idea how, just how ineffective she was in influencing the ambassador. She was not alone. She and most Jews do not understand what makes this matter so intractable and why efforts to help Pollard have been and continue to be largely ineffective. 
A glimpse at a very similar sad, episode in Jewish history is helpful in bringing about a proper understanding. 

When Alfred Dreyfus was given a pardon, he responded by stating, "The government of the Republic gives me back my freedom. It means nothing to me without my honor. From today on I shall continue to seek reparation for the atrocious judicial error from which I am a victim. I want the whole of France to know by force of a final judgment that I am innocent. (The Collapse Of The Third Republic, William Shirer, page 66)

Dreyfus formally accepted the pardon, procured by the French Premier and granted by the President of the Republic. But from his words, we know that he threw that pardon, back into the faces of his accusers and tormentors. A pardon, by its nature, unequivocally implies acceptance of wrongdoing and guilt. This, he emphatically denied.

Dreyfus understood the French anti-Semitism, which demanded his degradation. There was no way to appease them. He knew that, in as such that those who attacked him, felt that they could not regain their lost honor, if his was not totally destroyed, his continued struggle for dignity and truth added nothing to the fires of hatred against him, amongst those, whose hate was enflamed to the maximum.  So too is the case, in the anti-Semitism of the Pollard Affair. 

Dreyfus had allies in the anti-monarchists, and those who opposed the influence of the military, and the church. Pollard has no such allies. The American anti-Semites will only release their grip upon him when their efforts to degrade Pollard become counter productive. This could and would happen if there is enough of a morally obliged response, particularly now that there is a continuing media interest in Pollard .This would require a Jewish indignation and protest against the injustice Pollard has borne and continues to suffer, as well as a public Jewish recognition of Pollard's righteousness and heroism, in perhaps, even saving Israel from destruction, G-d forbid, from Iraqi gas carrying missiles. Many in Israel today feel that, perhaps indeed, they owe their lives to him. But this deliverance can only happen if Jews, particularly American Jews, understand the anti-Semitism of the Pollard Affair, in the same way that Alfred Dreyfus understood the Dreyfus Affair.

American Jews, have exceedingly slowly, during the years of Jonathan Pollard's ordeal, come increasingly to realize the role of anti-Semitism in the affair. In the meantime Pollard, languished away under thirty years of imprisonment. But they did not recognize, nor do they recognize now, that not only was anti-Semitism, a factor in the affair, in essence, the Pollard Affair, like the Dreyfus Affair, is about nothing other than, anti-Semitism. With this continuing inability to ascertain and come to grips with  this real underlying reality, American Jews will continue, as they have been in the past, in their efforts to help Jonathan Pollard, and right a historical travesty of justice, to be dismally inconsequential and ineffective.

The general public, excluding large segments of it that are motivated by the same anti-Semitism which motivated the conservative elements in France, that persecuted Dreyfus, plus many of the new liberal "progressive" anti-Semitism, are basically indifferent to Pollard. Thus, the only ones in the United States who can help Pollard are, the Jews. Unfortunately, limited by varying degrees of indifference, for fear of anti-Semitic back lashing, or some combination of the two, they have not endeavored to learn, or have remained unexposed to, what is most pertinent in the Pollard Affair. If they desire to cease their marginality in the matter, they must gather up the courage to pursue and acquire an accurate assessment of what motivated, and continues to motivate, those favoring the continuing repression of Jonathan Pollard.

They should be aware, that after Jonathan Pollard's activities were revealed, the American government conducted a policy, against him, of swift and merciless ant-Semitic retribution. Tempered by only recent expedient political considerations, this policy remains, unchanged. Pollard was vilified in the juryless court, in spite of the reality, that at the time of the legal proceedings against him, it was so undeniable that Pollard had no desire to harm the United States, that the official indictment, submitted to the court, says specifically just that! Pollard's enemies were and are, impervious to the fact, that publicly verified indications, that Pollard hurt American security, were non existent, as they are today. Comments, by former Senate Intelligence Committee member, Angelo Codevilla, which dealt with the Pollard Affair, reflect this dearth of incriminating evidence. When asked if there are undisclosed acts which Pollard committed, which caused harm to American security, he replied, "No, that is something I can be absolutely certain about. Because I know what the classification system… allowed  Jonathan Pollard, to see, to have and to give…. He was after all merely an analyst, and analysts do not have access to methods and sources of intelligence."  "These are wild allegations which make sense only to people who are totally uniformed. Unfortunately, that is the majority of the people." (Voice of Israel, "Should Israel Threaten U.S, to Force Pollard Release?", Gil Hoffman, November 23, 2014) Furthermore, the inability to publically present, provable accusations of acts, harmful, to the security of the United States, after thirty years of revolutionary technical changes, under the guise of security considerations, speaks for itself.

The plight of Jonathan Pollard continues. He himself, described his parole requirements as "embarrassing and humiliating". He is electronically handcuffed. Any time he moves a certain distance from a receiver, the transmitter by which he is legally and physically bounded, is activated. In his recent parole review, he was even given new restrictions! He is now to being prevented from being in the vicinity, of not only the Israeli diplomatic facilities, but in addition, he is not allowed to come close to the Russian, Chinese or South African embassies. This directive, after thirty years of judicial error, specifically, a sentencing based on unsubstantiated accusation of grievous acts of disloyalty, clearly insinuates, without basis, even now, today, that Pollard was guilty of some kind of aid to the Russians, Chinese South Africans and Israelis, that would lead them to cooperate with him, in reward for his past or potential future acts of disloyalty. Clearly, there are those in the American government, who desire that Jonathan Pollard, continue to suffer, be degraded and humiliated, decades after it has never come to light in any provable, verifiable way, what allegations of damage which was done to the security of United States, which justify the punishment received, or the current restrictions with which he is now shackled.

Thus now, one should know that this desire exists, in essence, solely because Jonathan Pollard is a Jew who acted without authorization, to successfully help Israel!  Undoubtedly, aside from the Holocaust, this is the most significant and malicious episode, of anti-Semitism, governmental or otherwise, in the West since...,the Dreyfus Affair, in a France, more than 100 years ago, beset by the anachronistic, monarchical, clerical and militarist elements and thinking, of the period. It is also important to note, that the Pollard Affair, has been part and parcel, and continues to be so, of the most liberal government the United States has ever had, the Obama Administration. President Obama's strident, judicially and morally unjustified comment, about Pollard, in March of 2013, that Pollard "He has committed a serious crime", does not fall too short in meaning and significant, from the remarks of the American ambassador in Tel Aviv, mentioned above, in the service of a much more conservative administration. Furthermore, it is rather remarkable, that at the time those words were spoken, for the efficacy of Jews of the Israeli television audience, as well as other Jewish viewers, the honorable President did not sense, that those capable of a more deeper sense of Jewish or general thinking, than those invited to White House Chanuka parties, would some day find those words more than just a little disingenuous.

One can even hear the words of Alfred Dreyfus, annunciated deep within the heart and soul of Jonathan Pollard." If the Republic of the United States of America gives me back my freedom, it means nothing to me without my honor. From today onward, I shall continue to seek recognition of the atrocious judicial error of which I am the victim. I want the world to understand that I did nothing harm the security of the United States".  This article is only an encouragement to enable Jews, in regard to Jonathan Pollard, to do the right thing. For those who do not independently possess that motivation, this article will have little meaning. They, in perhaps an effort motivated to escape from how the affair impinges, personally on them, will remain ineffectual and peripheral in alleviating, the continuing sad saga of the Pollard affair. For those who have a genuine Jewish, human heart, they will pursue the truth and demand justice for Jonathan Pollard who is still very much alone in his struggle. This is in spite of the reality that he has been struggling for, and is continuing to struggle, for the whole Jewish People .Perhaps the words of Micah, the Prophet, say it best. "He has spoken to you, humanity, as to what is good and what He demands from you, 'Do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with your G-d'."(Micah, chapter 6, verse 8)


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On the chutzpah of xtian-loving wine makers of the Shomron

B"H - The "political reasons" given to Tura Winery owners Vered and Erez Ben-Saadon are not necessary those indicated in the article. The real reasons might include the fact that these greedy producers of wine instead of supporting their local communities with the activity prefer to employ foreign labor, especially those xtians who offer their work for free to many wineries of the area for their own, second coming of their man-god worshiping rhetoric, effectively pricing our own Jewish workforce out from their jobs. As the grapes are harvested to show the Jews how good this JC is, boycott of these wines seems to be a proper course of action, to limit the phenomena. Every year more than 500 volunteers are shipped in according to the Hayovel xtian ministry's web-site, which is not a marginal number and the damage caused to our communities is huge. Also, as the grapes are harvested as part of their worshiping, the kosher certification of these wines seems to be VERY problematic as well, as we are not allowed to benefit from such an activity.

- This is a comment on Israeli wine guide boycotts Judea and Samaria
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On Israeli president Mr. Rivlin was called "fuhrer"

B"H - Rivlin is the head of a State that while calling itself "Jewish" and "democratic" commits tremendous crimes against its Jews, Judaism and ultimately against G-d. The son of this father for example, who called Rivlin "Fuhrer", is kidnapped and held against his will without a charge by the State's secret service and therefore all adjectives are fully legit to describe the president, even if this is unpleasant to hear for some. Yet, Mr. Rivlin does look and act like a goy (a non-Jew).

- This is a comment on Hateful post by suspected Jewish terrorist's father calls Rivlin 'Fuhrer'

Question: Is Israel the "Only democracy in the Middle East"?

B"H - Answer: Well, it seems that another dirty Zionist lie has just been busted: After all the State of Israel is not the "Only democracy in the Middle East"! They don't only refuse Torah Law, which is bad enough by itself, they fail even respecting their own, man-made laws: This secular State of Thugs must be repealed and replaced with a decent, Jewish one! And Now is already too late.

- This is a comment on Public official speaks about Shin Bet Dawabshe investigation for first time
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Protecting the enemy, as the IDF does, is not morality, it's immorality! Destroying an enemy and winning a war for good is morality.

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The State of Israel: A secularist nightmare

B"H - Articles like these only prove, as if there was a need for proof, that the State is not only not Jewish, but deeply, intimately and intrinsically anti-Semitic, anti-Torah and ultimately anti-G-d, overtaken by a secularist design, by a replacement theology that defeats its very purpose, to be a home for Jews on the Land of Israel. Running this secularist State is not a mitzvah and Jews are required to disengage from this dangerous impostor that uses the Jewish narrative and Jewish symbols to deceive.

- This is a comment on Jewish terrorism: The missing link
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Zionism IS racism!

B"H - Of course Zionism is racism, as it is The Force that actively prevents us, observant Jews, to establish our prescribed Torah state on G-d's Land. Only to religious Jews it is prohibited to live in a Land where Torah Law is the law of the land: The xtians are allowed to have their Vatican, not exactly a democracy and the Muslims have a moltitude of sharia states. Only Torah-observant Jew are forced to live under a secularist sovreignty, a so called democracy that goes against our most basic principles!

- This is a comment on  Kerry: Zionism is not equal racism
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The State's army, the IDF, against Torah and Shomron Jews

B"H - Yesterday (11 Nov. '15) the weekly Rav. Richter shiur on the Tapuah West hill was moved down to the Tzomet, to the Tapuah Junction, in view of the recent terror attack there. The IDF quickly sent a jeep and swiftly removed the holy books and the learning Jews and their rabbi from the Junction, pulling and pushing us and shouting at us, as if we were the enemy. A video of the incident will be added to this post as soon as it is available, please check back The commander of this unit was the same guy who had us pulled and pushed when we had the shiur (weekly Torah lesson) at the IDF-occupieed Yitzhar yeshiva (Jewish religious academy).

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The only hate speach here is the one against Amir

B"H - It seems that the only democracy in the Middle East just cannot keep under control its wild, innermost, autocratic, true essence.

- This is talkback #17 on Yigal Amir's brother arrested for incitement
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It seems that YNet learned how to censor fb comments too


YNet uses Facebook Content Plugin and it seems that they removed/censored the following section:

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Ariel Ben Yochanan ·
B"H - Your beloved antisemitic IDF arrests Jews as they are guilty of being attacked by Arab mob
Like · Reply · 2 hrs

Scott Adler ·
University High School, Los Angeles, California
By the way, Ariel, have you served in the IDF?
Like · Reply · 31 mins
Ariel Ben Yochanan ·
Scott Adler, of course not, I wouldn't associate myself with an organization that lifts its hand as it were against the Jewish people. Besides, I think the oath of allegiance to the State they require their soldiers to swear is against the Shma, in which we offer our allegience to Hashem as Jews. From this too one can see that the real and mostly hidden evil purpose of the IDF is to separate the Jew from his Torah. Now you will say "How dare you talk like this, they are defending you", The answer is that they could defend me perfectly well even without swearing away their Judaism. Actually, they could defend me a lot better!
Like · Reply · 7 mins
Daniel BenHillel ·
Investment Manager at International Trading Company
Why have we not heard nothing from old men like Rivlin or Peres when they burn one of our holy sites and we do hear so inflamed words when their is an arson in a church?
Maybe for Mr. Peres Jewishness is not important?
Maybe for Mr. Rivlin there is no political gain in doing so?
I do believe that they help the enemy by taking positions like this!
A Jew, an Israeli must be proud and not a coward!
Unlike · Reply · 1 · 3 hrs
Thea Van Den Berg
you don't think the IDF has enough on it's plate without having to rescue stupid Israelis who think they are above laws?
Like · Reply · 4 · 2 hrs
Ariel Ben Yochanan ·
Poor IDF, Thea Van Den Berg? I say they are anti-Semitic and so is your post. According to the "law" Jews have constant access to holy sites and burning them is illegal! Are you kidding? Have you gone completely insane?
Like · Reply · 1 · 2 hrs
David Rafael ·
Ra'anana, Israel
Ariel Ben Yochanan Please find me this so called "law" that states that Jews have 24/7 access to holy sites...? I'm not talking about religous law, I'm talking about Israeli law. After all, it's not the religious people that are tasked with keeping the peace and stability in the area.
Like · Reply · 42 mins
Zal Lackow
Thea vandenberg, they are not israelis, but "settlers", a radical fanatical sect. And it's probably a lie.
Like · Reply · 21 mins
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Yishai A. Kohen ·
How dare Jews pray in their holy places! They are set aside for Muslims to destroy. It's their "right".
Like · Reply · 3 · 1 hr
Moe Smasher
Either take over the territories totally or get out.

What's happening there now is a metastasizing cancer.
Like · Reply · 2 · 3 hrs
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- This is a comment on Israelis assaulted trying to enter Joseph's Tomb
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Your beloved antisemitic IDF arrests Jews as they are guilty of being attacked by Arab mob

B"H - This is a comment on Israelis assaulted trying to enter Joseph's Tomb

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Is the Temple Mount our only problem? The short answer is: No.

B"H - Agreed, however I don't think the problem is limited to the person of Prime Minister Netanyahu. I think running a democratic republic on the Land of Israel, that is the State of Israel, is a huge Torah violation. The fact that this State doesn't build the Temple on the Mount is just a symptom of it not being Jewish and one reason we should be and indeed must pretend the re-establishment of all of our Torah institutions, not just the Temple. In fact Torah is a Constitution for us and if we are not prepared to act it out, we compromise our very purpose the Creator put us in this world at the first place. This understanding goes beyond the so called religious Zionist perception of events, which to this poster seems not only rather limited but deviated from core Torah values, like the worshiping of Hashem and not other entities, like the secular State. For more comments and analysis you can visit my blog, The Torah Revolution.

- This is a comment on The Temple Mount War: No Escaping the Truth-Interview with Rabbi David Bar-Hayim
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On the Henkin murder in particular and on terrorism in general

B"H - She may not call for revenge but Judaism does. Unfortunately these Zionists are rewriting Torah and Hashem may not like this at all. Those of you who prefer to worship G-d, rather than the State, may realize that nothing is by chance or by accident and that Hashem rules the world and does things for a reason. We may not know the reason, but it doesn't mean He does things without reasoning.What appears tragic to us, may very well be an act of mercy, as the victims are now in a Better Place and may be saved from many years of terrible sinning. Baruch Dayan Emet!

- This is a comment on 'It's Impossible to Digest What Those Children Went Through'
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Why YNet is insisting on using the term "West Bank"?

B"H - While correct geographically, the term "West Bank" is a Jordanian occupation term of Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem, coined by the British to de-Judaize the ancient, biblical topography. Continuing to use such terminology today, 48 years after the liberation of the Jewish Heart-Land denotes the political will of the traitorous Left not to accept the reality. Sorry folks, Jews are here to stay!

This is a comment on Eitam and Na'ama Henkin murdered in West Bank terror attack
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Important correction

B"H - You forgot to list a very important item: Sunday afternoon, Sept. 27 Erev Sukot Ariel ben Yochanan enters the Jewish town of Karnei Shomron and doesn't leave until after the Havdalah on Monday, Sept. 28. During his historic holiday visit he discuses Jewish matters with his host Bernie and with his six sons, Avi, Eli, Yitzhik, Yoel, Ephraim and Moshy. May G-d bless their beautiful Jewish souls and support them in every endeavor!

- This is a comment on CRAZY High Holy Days 5776
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On the IDF's swearing in oath

B"H - Even if we want to forget and sweep under the carpet the fact that the IDF allows itself to be used against the Children of Israel and the Land of Israel, we can't ignore the fact that in order to be a soldier it requires people to swear an oath of allegiance with the secular State. Oaths are a subject that is regulated by halacha, Jewish Law, and are not a laughing matter: We mean what we say and held responsible for it. As it happens, the IDF oath goes against the Shma, in which we declare our allegiance with Hashem for all generations.This is what makes us Jews. In this way (it is my opinion that Satan makes) the soldiers swear away their Judaism, even if most of them will never actually realize this and this last aspect, the operation's clandestine nature is the one that makes it so successful and devastating.

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This lecture is about education..


.. But it could be about Judaism too. The idea is that broken systems cannot be "improved". A Golden Calf will never "improve" to be a Moshe. For a Torah state on the Land of Israel, the secular State of Israel will have to go: It cannot be "improved", as the Zionists claim.

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Shira indeed died in battle - on the wrong side!

B"H - Shira indeed died in battle, but NOT for a tolerant Israel, but against the Jews, Torah and eventually against Hashem. I don't understand how any of the gay pride marchers on Jerusalem expect to survive, knowing full well the extent of their great offense against G-d.

- This is a comment on Parents eulogize Pride parade victim: Shira died in battle for more tolerant Israel
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Shlissel is fully justified in Jewish Law!

 B"H - Shlissel is a Jewish hero and the fact that the State prosecutes him proves it is not Jewish. By the way, the correct term is killing, not murder.

- This is a comment on Jerusalem pride parade killer charged with premeditated murder, and six counts of attempted murder and aggravated assault

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Israeli groups of youth misbehaving at the Krakow Holocaust Memorial yesterday

B"H - I received first hand witness account of two Israeli groups of youths misbehaving at the Krakow Holocaust Memorial yesterday, 7 Elul, raising questions like "What are they coming here for if they don't care?" Organizations who sent their groups to the Krakow Holocaust Memorial yesterday, please recall them immediately and reprimand them according to the severity of the case!

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In the only democracy in the Middle East

B"H - In the only democracy in the Middle East Zionist yarmulke sporting "Judge" Yamini prolonged this morning Ephraim Khantsis' imprisonment with at least another two weeks for a disrespectful GESTURE towards the State prosecution. They seem to be rather edgy these days, wouldn't you say so? Surely a sign of strength and confidence on their fat-belly, corrupt, power-drank part.

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The secular State of Israel is a modern-day Sodom and will be destroyed, hopefully, in our days

B"H - If the State was Jewish, as it claims to be, its police would have arrested the immodestly dressed girl and its judges, sitting under the Menorah of the State emblem for crying out loud, would have confirmed the arrest. As is, it's Sodom and Gomorrah and Jerusalem is the most corrupt Jerusalem of all Jerusalems!

- This is a comment on Haredi man arrested for allegedly spitting on girl wearing pants
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Ephraim Khantsis was put in jail again

B"H - The only democracy in the Middle East has put Ephraim Khantsis in jail again, this time for a gesture they apparently didn't like. He didn't even say anything against the anti-Torah Israeli establishment. In the appeal hearing his Honeinu affiliated defense lawyer argued, in vain, that the offense does not carry a jail term.

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Do not collaborate with this Erev Rav State!

B"H - Church arson IS legitimate under Jewish law! Not only: It is a requiement. If the State was Jewish, it destroyed the places of idol-worshiping itself. The fact that it does not is proof of the State not being Jewish and the persecution of Bentzi Gopstein is only the latest indication of its Erev Rav status. In Jewish Law it is prohibited to collaborate with this evil entity and with its various institutions, including the IDF. First thing first: Stop voting for evil kneset and advise your children not to join the IDF!

- This is a comment on Head of far-right group under police investigation

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Free Meir Ettinger NOW!

B"H - The State of Israel locks up Jews without due process, just because they are Jews! Like under the British, but the British didn't pretend to be us.

- This is a comment on Administrative Detention Ordered Against Two Jewish Activists
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On rabbi Mizrachi's take on the attack at the gay parade, and on the arab home

B"H - Even if the good rabbi mentions the war waged on "religion", on the Jews, on Torah and on G-d, for some reason he refuses to walk the walk and follow this theme to its logical and halachic consequence and state that the laws on obligatory war are applicable here and not those on homosexuality. We are not only allowed. but required to kill against Chilul Hashem, the public desecration of G-d's Name and calling an obvious Kidush Hashem, the sanctification of G-d's Name a Chilul Hashem is a huge error I'm sorry to say. The rabbi's rabbi, Rav. Ovadia, comited the same error when he ruled for disengagement 10 years ago, claiming that protecting lives comes first. Not so. We have a concept on obligatory wars and it seems that Rav. Ovadia and his followers fail to understand that wars per definition cost lives and do away with it in one stroke.This is taking away from Torah. It also pains me greatly to see this rabbi swim with the tide of the frightened and assimilated Jewish masses by naming an obvious Kidush Hashem Chilul Hashem: Unacceptable!

- This is a comment on Permission To Kill (Parashat Ekev) The Attack At The Gay Parade, And On The Arab Home
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Ya'alon orders administrative detention for Jewish extremist

B"H - This is an incredible abuse of executive power! The Zionists go crazy over the remote prospect of Israel looking Jewish in the eyes of the world!

- This is a comment on Ya'alon orders administrative detention for Jewish extremist
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Obama's America is just like the USSR 40 years ago

B"H - This is a comment on Obama Won't Let Pollard Out of US
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On why Zionism is idol worshiping in six points

1. The secular State of Israel has no intrinsic Torah value.
2. The holy bond is between the Children of Israel and the Land of Israel, both Torah quantities. The State usurps this bond and makes a mockery of it.
3. Attributing holiness to the secular State simply is false messianism and we should treat it as such.
4. Rav. Kook was a Torah crook, pun intended, as it is a mitzvah to make fun of idol worshipers.
5. The students and followers of Rav. Kook, with other words the so called “religious” Zionists are practitioners of a new religion, called Zionism, that replaces the worshiping of Hashem with that of the renaissance of the Jewish People in general and with that of the State of Israel and its IDF in particular.
6. Not all Zionists are guilty as many of them belong to the halachic category of kidnapped children.

- This is a comment on Parashat Vaetchanan (The Status Of A Person Before And After A Sin) 
and on Would You Help These Jewish Refugees?

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On Tisha b'Av

B"H - Q. Is Tisha b'Av obligatory and can one work?
- A: The short answer is yes and yes, Tisha B'Av is not a yom tov (holiday) it is a public fast day. Let me mention here that for those of us who don't recognize the various secular memorial days and Zionist Yom HaShoa in Israel, this is the proper day on the Jewish  calendar to memorialize the Six Million perished, may their souls be blessed in eternity!
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On the 10th Eden Natan Zada yhartzeit

B"H - The 10th Eden Natan Zada yhartzeit came and went yesterday, without making much noise in the media and even social media was silent about it apart from the efforts of one little woman, Sari Ashkenazi. I went with her at the appointed time advertised and found no one at the gravesite, in Rishon Letzion’s Gordon cemetery. It should be mentioned here that rumors have been skillfully circulated concerning the family’s opposition to “our”, his old friends’ presence there. Some basic and unsophisticated detective-work however show fundamental flaws in the story. A quick and even superficial glance of Eden’s tombstone revealed that nobody visited there in the past 24 hours. Exhibit # 1, the tombstone was dusty and exhibit # 2, there were still warm burned-out 24 hour candles placed on the tomb. So, the question arises, why would the family object to the presence of Eden’s friends at his tomb, when they themselves are not planning to be there on the proper yhartzite date? There are many possible answers to this question, but my take is that they might have been influenced to make this request by the Jewish department of the Israeli security service and if this is indeed the case, we shouldn’t have let our yetzer hara, our individual laziness, to win the day over so easily. Indeed it is much easier not to do the right thing rather than doing it, remembering Eden and the pork that surrounds his murder, especially when we are provided with a valid-sounding alibi. After all we know, Satan is very clever, still the authentically authentic Jewish idea is not to succumb to it.

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Let's educate our children to become good Jews, Hashem's loyal royalists!

B"H - [This latest video is the] Same old Zionist Haredi bashing, I'm sorry to say. As far as mathematics are concerned, even in the secular world there is a serious discussion about abolishing the teaching of maths as it is widely viewed as useless, apart for a minute minority of students, like those who want to become accountants or computer scientists for example. As far as English is concerned, doesn't it say right in Balak that we read a few weeks ago, that we shall be a nation that dwells alone? In effect English can lead a student to a lot of the filth of the nations and I think it is far better to keep them away from all that staff that can so easily lead to avodah zara. I personally refused to teach English to a son of a friend of mine, a pure Jewish soul, going against my own economic interests, for this reason. It is truly sad to hear a brilliant mind, like Rav. Bar-Hayim, to speak like this, clearly for preconceived political reasons: How can it be bad for Jewish  children to learn Jewish subjects and to have a pure Torah curriculum, when precisely this system kept us and Torah alive for millennia? Let's not succumb to the pressures of the modern world, which is secularism, and let's give our children all and the only Torah they really need to succeed in the Jewish mission, in becoming loyal royalists of Hashem!

- This is a comment on Torah and Life or Torah Versus Life? Interview with Rabbi David Bar-Hayim
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IDF treats Jews as Arabs

B"H - The very idea that they consider Jews as Arabs means that they are not "our" soldiers and that the idiot Zionists who say that they are, are liars and traitors of the Children of Israel.

- This is a comment on IDF command: the rules of engagement in front of Jewish rioters - like the Palestinians (the link is to the computer translated article)

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Gay rights movement overkill

B"H - With this terrible decision of the American so called supreme court I think what we'll see now is that a lot of heterosexuals will wake up and come out from the closet as it were and become activists, as it is evident that staying on the sidelines doing nothing doesn't pay and can seriously damage society as we know it. Never before in my lifetime it was so obvious that the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good people do nothing. I think the quiet days of gay marches are over. At least I hope so.
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Two kinds of peace price

B"H - There are two kinds of peace price: That of Mr. Nobel's, the inventor of the gun-powder and that of G-d, the Creator of the universe. Now, who's price would you rather go for? Nobel's or G-d's? Well, good Jews go,for G-d's Divine Peace Price: It's valued in this world for a few years and in the next, for eternity!
- This is part of a comment on an anti-Semite's post on Facebook
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Brainwashed with Zionist propaganda

B"H - Of course it is precisely the IDF that uses utterly immoral tactics by practicing restraint and by doing so putting Jewish lives in more risk than necessary. Why our boys volunteer to be canon-folders for our corrupt politicians is a mystery to me. OK, there is peer pressure, but can whole generations be so stupid brainwashed with Zionist propaganda? (The answer is "Yes, they can").

- This is a comment on IAF Chief: 'No Restraint' in Next Lebanon War
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Anti-Torah, corrupt lot!


What jerks Tzipi Hotovely, Silvan Shalom, Dr. Lau and the others who apologized to the pop ahead of time! Anti-Torah corrupt lot

.- This is a comment on Rabbi Lau: Church Arson 'Completely At Odds' with Jewish Values
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The IDF is not the answer, Torah compliance is!

B"H - If we Jews bring in xtians to the Shomron as we do, courtesy of our innovative "rabbis" and corrupt politicians, why are we surprised that Hashem withholds His holy peace from us and sends in our enemies to harass us? The IDF is not the answer, Torah compliance is!

- This is a comment on Report: 2 Terrorists Shot While Attacking Jews at Joseph's Tomb
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The State clamps down on Torah. Again.

I want to publicly express that I agree 100% with the burning down of churches in Israel as it says "destroy their pillars" in general and with Devorah Chayah Shem Tov's comments in particular, as she reliably reports the truth for many years now. It is time to stop pretending that Torah is Western Humanism: It is not. That rabbi Lau should come out against Torah is unfortunate, but not entirely unexpected. After all he's office is designed to cover for the secular, anti-Torah State and the religious Zionist innovation instead of Hashem worships.the State.

- This is a comment on Rabbi Lau: Church Arson 'Completely At Odds' with Jewish Values 
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Ephraim Khantsis was arrested again

B"H - Ephraim Khantsis was arrested again this morning at five. I don't know on what charges. I know that they came for him him with four cars. You know, my parents were telling me stories on trumped-up charges like these about the Stalinist era in Hungary of the early fifties.

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By guest author Barouch Levy


The Obama Administration's Pitch to Delude Jews into Boarding the Train on The Path to their Own Destruction As The Iran Nuclear Decision  Nears - A Disingenuous Failure
  An Israeli journalist, Yoram Sheptal, speaks out

  Some say that the American president Barak Obama is naive in his approach to his responsibilities as Executor in Chief. Inexperienced in government and unfamiliar with foreign affairs and particularly clueless to the realities in the Middle East. The reality is much different. He is quite astute on many matters and particularly on the matter of the politics surrounding the discussion of the proposed Iranian nuclear deal.  American conservatives are becoming increasingly apprehensive, if not frightened by the dangerous consequences of the fallout from the potential nuclear deal. Most liberals, unperturbed by all this, for various reasons, remain safely in the Obama camp. However amongst the liberal Obama supporters, there is one glaring exception. This is the American Jew. His continued support for Obama and his nuclear deal with Iran, is critical as to how that issue will be decided. Obama is quite cognizant of all this. Thus, in the last couple of weeks, we have seen a concerted effort by the Obama Administration to get as many Jews on board the train of American Jewish approval of the Iranian nuclear deal. A prime example of this, is the interview given by Obama, to a the well known Israeli radio personality, last week. Quite a harsh commentary one may say. But the issue is that critical and that dangerous, particularly if you dedicated to or depend on Israeli and Jewish survival.

  Thus, an interview given by Arutz Sheva, in Hebrew, in response, last week to Yoram Sheptal, a well known and outspoken lawyer, appearing frequently in the Israeli media, on President Obama and his attitude on Jews and the State of Israel, particularly as this is expressed in his conducting of the Iranian nuclear deal, has particular pertinence and urgency to the Jewish public. Key points translated from that interview are as follows.

     In the interview, Yoram Sheptal states that the current American administration, under the leadership of Barak Obama, has clear intentions to destroy the State of Israel, G-d forbid. Sheptal, confident that this attempt and aspiration will fail, none the less, feels obliges to state this unequivocally, particularly since others can not or will not express themselves in such a manner. "Therefore Obama has been endeavoring, from the minute he came to power, to achieve the destruction of the state of Israel. Yes, we must say these things that need to be said. Obviously, Netanyahu can not say these things nor can any of the government's ministers. ..". "The Israeli media, not only can say these things but is obligated to do so. Obama is working for the elimination of Israel in two ways…"

  Why this is so clear to Sheptal, he points outs, is because the anti Israeliism and anti- Zionism of Obama, are identical, one and the same, with Obama's anti-Semitism. The State of Israel and Zionism is now, and has been for the last 67 years the essence of Judaism. Clear anti-Israelism is clear anti-semitism. No further explanation is needed. "Anti- Israeliism and anti Zionism is really what characterizes Obama from the minute he was elected to the Presidency, beginning with his notorious Cairo speech" .( In that speech, Obama  falsely implied  that Israel's so called degradation of Arabs and denial to them of opportunity, as experienced by the Arab population in the areas coming under Jewish control in 1967 was an endemic expression of Israeli society's values and behavior, as those values and behavior must have impinged similarly and continue to do so at the present in the areas where Arabs have been dominated by Israeli rule since  1948,in adjacent areas. Thus in presenting the Arab-Jewish social reality as such Obama, joined in the traditional anti-semtic contention that in the course of encounter with a Jew, the non Jew is at a risk of some degree of abuse or victimization, particularly in the case when Jews acquire dominance)

 "Obama is not ant-semitic, he is fanatically ant-semitic", says Sheptal." "The best proof of this are the three obedient Jewish which stooges which surround him ".  "All of them are extreme ant-Zionists. As a case in point, he quotes, Martin Indyk, to demonstrate, how this Obama subordinate strives to implement, Obama's anti semitic aspiration to eliminate Israel. Indyk, the former Special Envoy to the negotiations between Israel and the PLO, until approximately last year at this time, is quoted by Sheptal. "Martin Indyk, an overt Israel hater, said in an interview, a couple of years ago, that, 'Israel should get used to, that eventually, if she wants to survive,  she must be something like Hong Kong, because eventually she will have to withdraw from the Galilee and the Negev, because of the Arab population there.' "

   "Obama is striving to eliminate Israel in two ways. The first way is physical destruction-real destruction- by way of Iranian nuclear capacity. Obama, the pathological liar,. . . announced that at the outset of the Iranian nuclear talks, that the goal of negotiations was to dismantle the potential for Iran to achieve nuclear capacity. "However, as opposed to this, Obama, if his plan succeeds, which is highly in doubt, intends to turn Iran into a nascent nuclear power, which according to his own very words, Iran will then be (after the agreement) a year away from achieving the capacity to produce a nuclear bomb. This would be with approval of the international community…"  "If .Obama says this, clearly… it is much less than a year's time. It is also abundantly clear, that the United States, will do absolutely nothing, to really monitor and enforce compliance with this degrading and terrifying agreement." "Secondly, Obama knows that Iran wants a bomb… in order to destroy Israel. The undeniable upshot of this is ,that the Obama and Khameini duo, are the architects of an attempt, which needless to say will not succeed, to destroy Israel.

"As to the second approach, there is the relentless pursuit to create a neo Nazi Jihadist fascist Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria, in the heart of the Land of Israel, and of course in eastern Jerusalem."a
"We must recognize this reality!"

In closing, Sheptal, reiterates the obligation of the Israeli media to speak the truth, as against the background of attempts to distort reality, in this most dangerous period for Israel and Jews everywhere. He characterizes the recent  interview given by Obama, as the debate in the United States and amongst the Jewish public, on the Iran deal reaches its crescendo,  as an," attempt, initiated by Obama, to stupefy the brains of the Israeli public", in cooperation with  local elements within Israel which, only operate to execute Obama's biddings.

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