Well done! But hey, is it enough?

B"H - "Our" Yaacov Biblow's in the news! My take? Even if he won and his case changed military regulations, he shouldn't be in there in the first place, swearing allegiance to the State, instead of Hashem- This is talkback #2 on IDF changes facial hair regulations for religious troops
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The Whole Thing is Ridiculous

B"H - The whole thing is ridiculous, non Torah institutions like secular government and kneset per definition can't decide that they are "Jewish": They aren't. Torah makes us Jewish, not empty proclamations!

- This is talkback #11 on Government passes controversial Jewish nationhood bill and a comment on Netanayhu's "Jewish State Law" Is Not Really Jewish
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A Concentrated Effort is Needed to Win the War of Independence

B"H - This is a censored talkback on The 10 quiet years are behind us
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IDF is not a Jewish Army

B"H - One wonders what's the "sharp and clear message" when the IDF demolishes Jewish homes and businesses for no other reason that they are Jewish.

- This is a comment on IDF Didn't Demolish Terrorist's Home - Just His Room
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The Arab Nation is the Seed of Amalek!

B"H - With this morning's terror attack on the Jerusalem Har Nof synagogue and with the subsequent rejoicing in Gaza and in other Arab-occupied territories, the Arab nation shows itself to be none other than the seed of Amalek and therefore we are obliged to suppress them, all of them and for good. This is not "racism", it is Torah. We are at a crossroads, we have to decide whether we are a Torah-nation or not. Those who prevent the Children of Israel to perform their biblical Torah-obligation are as much the national enemy as the terrorists themselves.

- This is a comment on Synagogue Massacre Victim Identified as Rabbi Moshe Twersky and on Today was Not Just Another Terror Attack in Jerusalem 

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Xtians and Muslims are Liars

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Ron Ben-Yishai's Throwing Mud on the Right-Wing

B"H - Humbug: Yehuda Glick is no "right-wing activist". There is a video on YouTube showing him praying with an Arab on the Temple Mount to Allah. Just because someone is on the Temple Mount doesn't mean he is a right-wing activist in general  and Yehuda Glick in particular is for coexistence.

.- This is a talkback on The Third Intifada is already here
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