We Must Have Our Torah Institutions! Now!

B"H - Let me reproduce here for the record part a fb thread:
  • Uri DeYoung Given that the State is not Torah-compliant, Ariel, what would you have us do until the Israelites as a whole experience an epiphany and return completely to the ways of Torah? What exactly are you calling for? What is your "Torah solution" for the current situation?
  • Ariel Ben Yochanan I'm advocating institutional discontinuity, a.k.a. revolution, as none of the present institutions we operate on the Land are Torah institutions. In particular I don't call for armed conflict, as I fully realize the established powers are very strong, but for a disengagement from the State as much as it is legally possible. This approach doesn't put anyone in danger. We can show Hashem we are with Him by not voting for kneset, for example. We voted for Him in Sinai, under the Mount for all generations. So I think the most effective tool in our hands is political abstention, apart of course leading Torah-compatible, mitzvot-observant individual lives, which by the way includes the incessant desire for our missing Torah institutions: A Jewish king to run the executive according to Torah, a Kohen Gadol to run the Temple on the Temple Mount of Jerusalem according to Torah, the Sanhedrin and Righteous courts in every village to administer justice according to Torah. These are our prescribed Torah institutions and my understanding is that as Jews we are not allowed to simply renounce them as we do unfortunately.
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