Harsh Criticism of the Israeli Right ex RE: USA infant killed in Jerusalem Terror Attack

B"H - You're ever so boring! Every time there is a tragedy like this. and I remember the killing of little Shalshevet in Hevron as if it was yesterday, you come out from the woodwork with your classes, with your protests and with your proclamations, always to accomplish the exact same result: Nothing! Why are you so keen and eager to dialogue with the government of Israel of all things when you know full well that it is not a Torah institution, that the Rav. brings down the Rambam's Hilichot Melachim 1:1 on p. 658 of his Or Harayon (in the English edition), sayng that: "Three mitzvot were commanded to Israel on their entering the Land: to appoint a king, as it says , "You must appoint a king" (Deut. 17:15), to annihilate Amalek's descendents.. and to build the Temple". Which of these things the State is engaged in to merit your idolatrous, perverted attention? If scripture demands a progression of deeds from us, as it does, how dare you even imagine you can continue to ignore the divine Instruction and replace it with a democratic elaboration and pretend to make it all the same? Demos means people and cratos power in Greek. Is Judaism about people's power or G-d's? I'm putting to you that you're playing a childish game (assuming that you are children and thus not responsible for your foolishness), by accepting to protest the government of Israel: The Jewish response is not an American style political activism, but a dedicated one! We say tehelim and cry out TO Hashem, not TO the Zionist replacement State idol! Let me remind you that right yesterday Netanyahu tranquilized Jordan, saying that there will be no Jewish prayer allowed on the Mount. Why are you insisting to talk to and to collaborate with such staunch enemies of Hashem? Are you out of your Jewish minds?

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(From Bentzi Gopshtain):
"They don't understand that every Arab is a suspicious object!" The Rabbi was right! Tonite at 19:00 we will all come to the site of the attack to protest. Let's make it clear to the government of Israel that they are to blame for this murder! I (Bentzi) am giving a class at 18:00 at the Yeshiva. Please share this.

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