On Yisrael Medad, Again 2

B"H - Not to worry Medad, you'll get your punishment for your sins: In Judaism we do have a concept of divine retribution and punishment and again, the way you talk about it, especially  under Rosh HaShana, is of course indicative of the number of light years that is between you and Torah. But then, why should a Zionist like yourself be attentive to Torah? The goal is not to worship Hashem, our G-d, but "the renaissance of the Jewish people" as Rav. Kook put it, so it is clear that no matter what or how many halachot, Jewish Law sources I may bring down to you, you will always and predictably prefer to be led astray by the "rabbi" of your choice.

- This is another comment on Reaping the Suspicion 
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