On Mr. Haivri

B"H - Like most Kookists, Mr. Haivri fails to distinguish between loving Israel and loving Hashem. Unfortunately for him, we have specific halacha, Jewish Law, as to how to deal with idol worshipers and bringing them in to the Shomron goes against those Laws. As far as their so called "help" is concerned, it benefits a few winery owners and Mr. Haivri himself, not the communities, as he claims. The communities are robbed of hundreds and hundreds of local low-tech job opportunities for our youths and for our unemployed, to the tune of about ten million shekels per season, between lost wages and the lost inducted of local businesses, beers, pizzas, etc. Even if Mr. Haivri tries to make appear the activity of these xtians on our Land in a positive light, it is clear to everyone that their presence here goes directly against the well known principle, movement and values of Avodah Ivrit, of using Jewish labor on the Land. Why Mr. Haivri doesn't occupy himself with bringing in Jews rather than xtians to the Land? All in all, the bringing in of the xtians to the Shomron for greed, for increased profitability of the wineries that use them, seems to be only the tip of an iceberg, the most visible sign of a much larger, wider and deeper corruption, namely of the bankruptcy of all Zionisms, including religious Zionism: They only care about themselves, leaving Hashem, our G-d, out in the cold: Judaism worships Hashem, Zionism the "renaissance of the Jewish people", as Rav. Kook put it: A self-serving Torah-distortion, no doubt popular amongst people like Mr. Haivri.

- This is a comment on Standing With Those Who Stand With Israel
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