On Har Bracha, On Shomron Governor Mesika, On Derailed Rav. Melamed And On Their Supporters, On The Erev Rav

B"H - Don't even think of bringing your family to Har Bracha, there is idol worshiping in there! What is going on in there is the visible sign of the bankruptcy of Religious Zionism: A corrupt political establishment hand in hand with derailed rabbis and their supporters, the Erev Rav, against Torah, Torah Jews and ultimately: Against Hashem, our G-d! Har Bracha is led astray by its "rav" Melamed and by the greed.of its developers, the concrete-pouring Zionists who instead of Hashem, worship the "Renaissance of the Jewish People", as Rav. Kook put it. And, of course, by the lining of their own pockets.

 - This is a composed comment on Har Bracha - A breath of fresh air and on my fb status
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