Letting the Xtians Harvest Grapes On Our Land: A Modern-day and Voluntary Greed-galore Slave-trade!

B”H – Very well written piece, thank you Donny Fuchs! If you paid me for criticizing something, I’d say that I found one error in your article, in the following phrase: “The Jubilee, headed by Tommy Waller, is prominent in the region for their volunteer program in assisting religious agricultural communities with their harvests”. The fact of the matter is that they “assist” no communities. They may assist greedy winery-owners in achieving higher profit margins, but communities? No, they do not “assist” communities. By working for free they undercut our local jobs market effectively robbing our communities, our youths and our unemployed of a whole pool of badly needed low-tech jobs. It should also be mentioned, and anyone who ever lived in wine-producing regions knows this full well, the concentrated effort needed for the harvest is a joyous community affair. Whole school classes sometimes spend many days on the fields, extended families, friends and relatives participate in the harvest, communal meals are consumed and stories are told: There is singing and dancing. Robbing these character and let me say, nation building experiences from our own youth and elderly, is something that cannot ever be exchanged for the extra profit the winery-owner can make on this modern-day and voluntary greed-galore slave-trade!

- This is a comment on Anti-Missionary Conference
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