Yisrael Medad anti-Semite?

B"H - Yisrael Medad, this is not the first time you are defending the Wallers' xtian assault on our People and on our Land and probably will not be the last one either. So, let me add my two cents to the debate and draw your attention to the fact that by acting this way you achieve only one goal and that is to put your own status as a Jew publicly in doubt: As Jews don't expel Jews, the same way Jews don't support xtian missionary effort, unless they are rotten to the core. As far as the melamedic clearance that you mention is concerned, it is based on the false and very Kookist assumption that he who loves the Land, the "renaissance of the Jewish People", as he puts it, also loves Hashem. This is not so and the proof are the very xtians who are being bought in to the Shomron by corrupt irresponsibles and who continue to pray to their man-god idol, yoshke. Besides, the claim that they "assist the harvesting" also is false, what they really do is undercut our local jobs market, steal our badly needed low-tech jobs from our own youth and unemployed and by doing so damage our economy to the tune of about ten million shekels per season. Do the maths yourself: 25 shekels minimum hourly wage multiplied by 8 hours per day, multiplied by 25 working days in a month, multiplied by the 3 months stay of the average "volunteer", multiplied by their number, given as 500. This figure is above of the damage they do to local businesses in lost inducted, beers, pizzas, etc., and to the damage to the wine itself, rendering it unsuitable for Jewish ritual consumption, as we are prohibited to take benefit from idol worship. All in all I'd characterize your short piece as anti-Semitic as it aims to render our dwelling on the Land that much more difficult and the fact that you reside in Shilo doesn't change this.

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