Xtians Working in Our Wineries? No, Thanks!

 B"H - It is important to understand that these people are xtians and the reason they come here is to worship their man-god idol, which is strictly prohibited in Jewish Law on the Land. Loving Israel is one thing, loving, or as in this case, hating Hashem is another. As far as the "strong economy" theorem of Berg is concerned, let's do the math. The minimum hourly wage of 25 shekels multiplied by 8 hours a day multiplied by the number of "volunteers" 500, who work for free, multiplied by 25 working days a month, multiplied by 3 months, it's 7.5 million shekels taken out from the economy in lost direct wages, plus we must add to that the loss to all the inducted to local businesses in lost local consumption, the beers, the pizzas, the diapers of all the young families, which is difficult to quantify. In conclusion, these xtians may "help" the individual winery owner to increase his profitability, but certainly penalize our local Jewish youth, undercutting the local Jewish job market. In my assessment, apart from the very serious Jewish, Torah-transgression aspect, this is wicked and should be stopped with no-uncertain measures. We must at least speak up against the xtians being bought in to the Shomron and Yehuda by some wicked corrupts! Besides, it is not a good idea either to have pretty xtian girls walking amongst our youth telling them they love them: No good can come out of it and even the loss of one young man to mixed "marriage" is too high of a price to pay for this senseless experiment. According to Jewish Law, let's keep our Land free of idol-worshiping!

- This is a comment on Despite Tension, Volunteers From Abroad will be Working in the Farms of Judea and Samaria (video) and censored on JPost's Harvesting the divine wine of Psagot
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