Worship Hashem, Not the Secular State Idol

 B"H - "The Jewish resident recently left" is like to say "the hostage died" instead of "the hostage was beheaded". Esser Agoroth, the last Jewish resident on the Bracha hill was pushed out by mafiosi methods, like they raised his rent 300%, cut his electricity and so on. That yishuv, Bracha, is actively protecting their xtian idol worshipers by any and all means. Once they called on us their security people when we went there to listen to a Rav. Richter shiur and, on another Rav. Richter shiur, they called outright the Police. At least one of these shiurim is on my blog http://thetorahrevolution.blogspot.co.il/2014/02/bh-rav-richter-shiur-on-har-bracha-west.html. Rafi G., just because you play fair game and admit your ignorance and state of confusion doesn't mean you're off the Kook hook, the fact that there are many misguided people in your yishuv and more generally in our region doesn't absolve you from the requirement to worship Hashem, instead of the secular State idol. I know this may sound shocking or even extreme to you in your middle of the road moderation, but that is your risk as the Kookist false messianism of the State virus spreads.

- This is a comment on Despite Tension, Volunteers From Abroad will be Working in the Farms of Judea and Samaria (video)
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