The Children of Israel are in Greater Danger Then Ever!

B"H - In order to be a soldier the IDF requires people to make an oath, at the so called "swearing in ceremony". They swear allegiance to the secular State's command-chain, that goes against of the Jews' allegiance to Hashem we promised Him under the Mount in Sinai for all generations. So, I suggest that soldiers, per definition, sell their souls to Satan as they swear their Judaism away the moment they join the IDF. Many of them don't even realize this. No wonder they keep on destroying Jewish housing, businesses and shuls instead of fighting the Arabs efficiently. As a consequence, the Children of Israel are in greater danger then ever! Wake up people!

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Devash said...

At last estimate, 20% of IDF recruits were self-proclaimed Christians who requested to take their oath on a new testament.

in the vanguard said...

What are you implying, that Jewish soldiers have no role to play, as such? Do we Jews not have halachot regarding wars of Mitzvah or wars of Obligation to fight? There always were JEWISH SOLDIERS, and they always had a role to play. Of course Torah study is necessary as well, just as King David Supported his general, who did the fighting while Dovis did the learning.