On Why the IDF is Evil

 B"H - If you follow this blog, The Torah Revolution, you know that I think that Satan invented and runs a clever wholesale operation in the military sector in Israel. It's known as the Swearing In Ceremony. He takes all the good Jews coming in with pure intentions to protect the Land and the People and makes them swear allegiance to the State, which is an Erev Rav entity. In this way the IDF requires its soldiers to swear away their Judaism, that is to say their own oath of allegiance to Hashem which all Jews make under the Mount in Sinai for all generations: "We will do and we will understand". The very "chief rabbi" of the IDF publicly declared that in his organization the commanders' words override halacha, Jewish Law. By the way, this is the same mechanism in the kneset with the memebers of kneset, but the scale of the operation is much smaller there. So, you're asking me what to do about this? My take is that the proper Jewish response is to keep as far away from this filth as possible, meaning NO to the vote for or participation in kneset and NO to serving in the IDF: There are many other ways the mitzva of protecting the Land and the People can be fulfilled. Once Hashem sees that we are with Him and not with the Erev Rav Zionist entity, He'll either send Messiah or intervene in any other way He sees fit. Right now, as is, He's sending us enemies, so we can be sure we're doing something wrong on His Land.

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