On Tisha B'Av

B"H - As the Zionists try to illegally put on our calendar their politically motivated new "yomim", days, let's remind ourselves today that Tisha b'Av, the Ninth of Av, is the natural Day to remember our dead, wounded and mimed for life and of course THIS is the proper Jewish time to memorize the Shoa and those who perished. THIS is one very special Yom (Day), to show Hashem that we are with Him and not with the hated usurping Zionist occupier that requires us to remember the Shoa by doing foolish things like to sound sirens and to stand near our vehicles in the middle of the road in silence, in effect desecrating its memory: Silent minutes are goyshe per definition! Have a meaningful fast Israel, read Lamentations and say tehelim in memory of our tragedies, dead and murdered!

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