IDF Soldiers In Essence Are Required To Renounce Their Judaism in Order to Be Soldiers!

B"H - I hold a view on this which I was told is not shared before and that is that people are required to swear an oath by the IDF before they are allowed to be soldiers. They swear allegiance to the secular State's command-chain, one that goes against to what makes us Jews, to the oath of allegiance to Hashem we made under the Mount in Sinai for all generations: "We will do and we will understand". This has far reaching consequences, halachic, civil, political and cultural. In essence, what we are talking about here, is that IDF soldiers are required to renounce their Judaism and worship a new divinity, the Zionist State. Most soldiers don't even realize what is done to them and claim that their "intentions" are pure. Well, in Judaism words matter and oaths matter even more!

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