Guest Author: The American Jewish Summer (Spring) and the End Of Obama by Barouch Levy

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           לכ' עורכת ערוץ 7 ,רחל סילבצקי נא
לשקול להוציא לאור בברכה, ברוך לוי

Sometimes spring comes late, and not until summer does any considerable thaw out take place. The American Jewish community, much of which, has been frozen in a catatonic state of adulation to American President Barak Obama. Like the rapids of a rushing babbling northern stream locked into inactivity in the dead of winter so too have been the currents of  of critical analysis in the American Jewish voter in regard to Obama.The young articulate Obama, who so elegantly elevated their liberal catechism to the platforms of the highest office of the land, has left them frozen in a state quasi messianic rapture., But the thunderous explosions of Hama rockets over the major cities of Israel has startled the American Jewish heart and  has rekindled  a Jewish sensitivity in the dormant liberal Jewish brain.Questions and criticisms in regard to the Obama Administration's attitude towards Israel in its handling of this summers Gaza War are sprouting. Perhaps this summe,r the American Jewish Spring has come and with it too, perhaps the political end of Obama.

   Incredibly, the liberal American Jew adopted the position that the arch terrorist and the most notorious mass murderer of Jews since Hitler, Yassir Arafat, may both their names be erased, that he and his PLO terrorist organization, were entitled to rule in Judea and Samaria (what the world media calls the West Bank) and the Gaza Strip, side by side with what was to be the reminder of Israel. They believed, or more accurately said that they believed that this evil autocrat and fellow murders and mafia thugs were under going a metamorphism in which they were to be come eventually tolerant liberals, protecting the rights of the huddled stateless masses in the new state of Palestine, and respectful of their Jewish neighbors in Israel. Yes, all this would take time, but all of this would come to fruition in the "Peace Process and Israel's former adversaries would eventually be made in the image of themselves, the liberal American Jew. This was largely the position of the American Jewish electorate, from the time of the Clinton Administration and up to now, during the Obama Administration. Even just a couple of weeks ago, ' at the outset of the Gaza War a U.S.official, talked about the right of "sovereignty dignity and security," for the so called "Palestinians", apparently echoing The American Jewish liberal outlook on the conflict between Israel and its neighbors. 

   However even before the war the American Jewish Obama supporter knew something was amiss.Obama, a clear supporter if not a champion of the Palestinian cause, was an advocate of a course and a population that is lead partiality, if not basically by Hamas, a political organization that is outspokenly and overtly  anti Israeli and anti –Jewish. Actually it is much worse than that, as the anti prefix is more than an understatement. A Muslim cleric in Hamas controlled Gaza, undoubtedly affiliated with Hamas, if not more than that, was quoted recently in the Israeli press as saying that all the Jews in Israel should be killed as Jews spread corruption wherever they live. The population in the Gaza strip was instrumental in bringing there, Hamas to power. In Judea and Samaria Hamas enjoys wide spread support amongst the Arab population, where the PLO control of the autonomous regions is prevented from being toppled from a Hamas overthrow, as happened in Gaza, really only by Israel, who brought the PLO to power in the aftermath of the ill advised Oslo agrrement.None the less, the American Jewish electorate has supported Obama as he has  tried to implement the Oslo agreement in its entirety, despite of it being fraught with the  the disastrous consequences this implementation holds for Israel ,G-d forbid, to this very day. One of these possible disastrous possible consequences would the ascendancy of Hamas to power in Judea and Samaria, just like what occurred in Gaza. All this, the American Jews basically knew and understood.

  Then came the outbreak of the searing Gaza War and the Obama induced  deep freeze of the Jewish liberal brain began to thaw out somewhat, at last.

   In an  interview appearing recently in the Hebrew addition of The Israel National News, Yoram Ettinger, former member of the Israeli diplomatic staff in the U.S., and expert on Israeli- American relations spelled out Obama's support for Hamas in the past and now at wartime. Ettinger, in his clarification writes about Obama's relationship with the Moslem Brootherhood, which spawned Hamas, it local Gaza affliliate. Explains.Ettinger,"Obama sees Islam in general and the Moslem Brotherhood in particular as a positive factor in everything connected to the U.S.. For example, in July of 2009, when he arrived in Egypt he insisted that the Moslem Brotherhood be invited to his address and even be seated in the first rows."  The Moslem Brotherhood has a pathological and rabid hatred oh Jews and Israel. Their outlook on Jews is identical to Nazism an exampleof this by, one of their Gaza ideological representatives has allready been given. Thus this Gaza War engendered article by Yoarm Ettinger, should ,does and will signal, to the American Jew, the support and collaboration of their beloved President with…Nazis. 
      Others articles in the Israeli press and elsewhere further delineate the place of Hamas in Obama's understanding and plan for international relations.  Hamas, Qatar, Turkey and in the recent past Egypt, led by the ousted  Morsi,a Moslem Brotherhood member,  are or were allied. Qatar,  an outcropping in the Persian Gulf, wallowing  petroleum and natural gas affluence, is a major financial backer of Hamas. It is also the host to the major US. military installation in the Persian Gulf. Turkey, with it marked and overt hostility to Israel supplies Hamas with material and political support. Not to be overlooked, are the increasingly more powerful  Islamic State of Iraq and Syria Jihadists who so just recently made impressive if not stunning advances against The U.S client regime in Iraq. They are now, or are potentially, undoubtedly part of this axis. Add to this Al Qaieda affiliates throught the Mideast, for example in Libya where they are now battling the government there. Obama made their influence  significant there after the Obama administration's intervention,  which was a major factor in the fall of Qaddafi, in Libya. Obama sees this configuration, and with many good reasons, to be the wave of the future in the Middle East. 
   All of these elements consist of Moslems belonging to the dominant Sunni faction of Islam, whom  in their lethal religious animosity with the historical breakaway Shiites ,most significantly located in Iran, provide a counterbalance. .Thus, there is no doubt,  in the mind of the present U.S. government,that there exits a symbiotic relationship between the Sunnis of Hamas, The Turkish government  the Qatar oil potentates and other Sunnis already mentioned and the U.S.. This alignment is arraigned, against a potential Iranian Shiite attempt to wrest Mid Eastern petroleum resources from the heretical American backed Sunnis, not unlike Saadam Hussein's invasion of oil rich Kuwait, which prompted a forceful and immediate American reaction. Thus the what is revealed in the article of Dr. Mordechai Kedar, senior lecturer in Arab affairs at one of Israel's universities, in an article recently published in the Israel National News is well taken and verified by Middle Eastern political reality. Dr. Kadar writes, " The change in the American position is a major plug for Hamas's steadfastness,   for even the US.'s, president has adopted Hamas's conditions for ceasefire, first among them removing the sea blockade of Gaza, although at the beginning of the operation he supported Israel and its right to self defense.". In fact, the  alleged leaked transcript of a conversation between Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Obama as reported by a main stream Israeli television station, not known for anti-Obama rightist leanings, would be, if is proven to be authentic, an almost identical reflection, in conversation form, of American Israeli relations as Dr. Kadar describes them .Although the authenticity of the conversation has been denied by both the State Department and The Prime Minister's office, if and when the authenticity of the conversation is established, it will be a sobering slap in the face to those liberal American Jews,who by their own refusal to see or by manipulation have been lead along by The Obama Administation pseudo pro Israel cheerleading.

   As this letter is submitted to the editor, in the early morning hours of August 3, 2014, the rocket fire still continues to come down on Israel, nearly after a month of indiscriminate attacks against it citizenry. Yet the latest breaking news is that a State Department Spokeswoman is "appalled" by the "disgracefull" shelling of, or near a school housing civilians despite the fact of "militants " in the vicinity. This attack on the moral behavior of the Israeli government in its conduct of the war will not go unnoticed by many American Jews who so strongly supported the Obama government. In the quite recent past, criticism against Israel by the Obama Administration and many others was viewed, not as condemnation of Jews as a whole. Usually, the criticism and condemnations were directed at "settlers", their positions and acivities in Judea and Samaria, the "Territories" as opposed to Israel "proper". Right wing factions or parties in the many varied Israeli society or government were to blame. Perhaps from time to time the Israeli government as a whole was criticized for a particular policy. However a significant change is currently taking place in these very days. In an almost unprecedented demonstration of unity, the Israeli government has been supported through out the war by almost the entire Israeli social and political spectrum. For a society, unfortunately often seriously divided and splintered  by a multiplicity of factions and ideologies, this present unity is quite phenomenal. The Jewish communities throughout the world are solidly behind Israel too .Thus , this latest harsh criticism from the Obama Administration is aimed .as it is quite intened to be, as a moral condemnation of Jewish society in general, as it has become exasperated at it own ineffectiveness in calling Israel to heel. 

   The fact that the Obama Administration  has demonstrated that it is capable of such an absurd and "disgraceful  kind of condemnation, aside from revealing it's own distress, will show to the Jewish American more of the real nature of to whom he so foolishly gave his vote. The absurdity of condemning the use of force to prevent the enemy from striking one's own civilians because of the imperative to spare enemy civilians is more than clear. More importantly, now in the eyes of the American Jewish electorate, is that this damning moral condemnation of this Israeli wartime action will be correctly seen  as a an attack on the moral stature of Jews generally by the Obama Administration. President Lincoln said, "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people all of the time ,but you can't fool all the people all of the time. Barack Obama has been doing a pretty good job of fooling a lot of Jews for a long time. But  as a result of this latest gaff  and the the other things mentioned in this article, it appears quite possibly that he has pushed it too far. The American Jewish community, including  the many liberal ones, are not all as obtuse as Obama so confidently thinks. This Gaza War and how Obama has related to Israel and by the nature of this war, how he is relating  to Jews in general, is causing a Jewish awakening. It is an awakening as to how Jews see themselves in relation to the world in general and to the Obama Administration in particular. Now, in this day of instant cybernetic communications and transcontinental travel cut down to hours, this Jewish awaking may be the start of a Jewish Spring this summer .Obama is already close to the waning days of his presidency. The Jewish spring may lead to a significant leaving of the Democratic Party by the newly enlightened American Jew. This could lead to Democratic hopefuls to distance themselves from Obama like rodents from a doomed ship. The Jewish Spring and the political end of Barak Obama. With G-ds help may it be.

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