Efraim Khantis in Jail: Not A Private Matter

B”H - This morning I had the honor to accompany Efraim Khantis to the Ariel Police Station. On the way, about a 15 minutes drive, we didn’t talk much. I only asked him one question: How much are you in for? He said I expect nine months. Not much of a conversation, so here is the short background story.  You should all know, we were going to the Police because he wants to commute his house arrest to jail time, as it counts toward the time served, whereas the house arrest does not. What’s the crime? Well, the State of Israel decided to destroy some Jewish housing West of Tapuah, a Shomron yishuv, a few weeks ago. Efraim stood up to what the media likes to call “the security forces” and defended some of the young Jewish girls they beat up. That is his crime for which he will be kept  in a cell for many months. Needless to say, and it is indeed another matter, the court that put him behind bars sits under a State emblem, with a Menorah clearly visible on it. From quite some time, but today more intensely, I think this is a lie: For courts sitting under a Menorah cannot continue to produce anti-Torah sentences each day of the working week, throughout the year, every year. It’s not a private matter, Jews simply cannot and must not allow this, if we want to survive as Jews! The State of Israel is one of the most serious threats to Jewish survival we ever came across!

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