The Meaning Of Reishit Tzemichat Geulateinu'

B"H - From http://rabbidovblog.blogspot.co.il/2008/05/israel-at-60-is-israel-beginning-of.html

"The prayer for the welfare of the State of Israel and the Harahaman prayer in the Grace after Meals for the State of Israel contain a formulation that we [Reform, Conservative] have said for many years. The formulation is found in many modern Orthodox, Conservative and Reform rites as well as in the public ceremonies of federations and Jewish community centers. The prayer was written by the Israeli chief rabbinate upon the creation of the state".

- AbY: With other words, meaningless garbage I wouldn't dare to say amen to. The phrase means "The beginning of the sprouting of the redemption", a modern messianic take on the State of Israel and in my view the best answer to it is "Don't replace the beautiful plant of the flower of the redemption with the seed of that plant, that in order for the plant to flourish, has to rot".

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