On Democracy vs. Torah State

B"H - OK, so there are many points to be mentioned here. One is that we are not supposed to pick and choose the mitzvot we like. Torah is clear on what it wants from us on the Land. When you cross this Yordan.. Three things to be done: a) appoint a king, b) annihilate Amalek and c) build the Temple! This State did neither of these three things in the past 66 years, so it is safe to say: This is not a Jewish State at all. There are other reasons too, but I don't want to enter those because this is only a comment on an article. So, let me just focus on one aspect here and this is democ[k]racy. Demos means people, in Greek and Cratos power. Democracy is people-power, in Greek, which is Hellas, where the word Hellenism comes from; Democracy is an intrinsically Hellenistic concept and the exact opposite of what Judaism is. In Judaism the flow of authority comes from Hashem, from above, and goes down, down, toward humanity in general and toward the Children of Israel in particular. In democracy, at least on paper, it is the other way round, from the people, up, up, towards government. In this context what a Jewish state legislation can possibly mean? The answer is nothing, because the whole thing is an oxymoron, an impossibility, an opposition of terminology: How can a people-power institution, kneset, decide and say that the Land and People it rules over are from now on is a Hashem-cracy, without extingushing itself? Impossible! So, if the answer cannot possibly come from kneset and prime minister and supreme so called court, where can it come from? The answer is, from the Children of Israel, from those Jews who live on the Land. We can and indeed we should abandon the present Hellenistic State and form a new Torah State on G-d's Land that does all the Jewish things we supposed to be doing be doing here. In practical terms this means refraining from any vote for kneset, even for Feiglin, Ben Ari and for all the other "good Jews" and cry out to Hashem for our Torah institutions, for the king, who with his two Torah scrolls runs the executive according to halacha, for the Sanhedrin and for righteous courts in every village all over the Land to administer Justice and a for the Kohen Gadol to run the Temple on the Temple Mount of Jerusalem. This is our constitutional Torah setup, Hashem's perfect society with divine checks and balances the Jews are put in this world to do. If and when we don't do this, as we don't. we deviate from the Divine Plan and this cannot be good for anyone, not even for the goyim, who look at us for guidance. And what do we show them? A State of Israel with an IDF that destroys Jewish housing, businesses and synagogues, because they are Jewish: Of course there is an increase in anti-Semitism, how could it be otherwise?

- This is a slightly edited comment on Will Jewish State lead to a halachic state?
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