Europe Loves Jews [ironic]

B"H - As an Italo-Israaeli I am entitled to vote in the Euoropean elections today. The mayor of the town where I made aliya from, Brescia, sent out a voting-card to me, addressed to "Kfar Tapuah, 44829 Shomron, Palestinian Autonomous Territores". Since when Italian mayors are authorized to invent fake foreign policy? This comes the day after the shooting in the Brusseles Jewish Museum. Is there a connection?

Il Sindako di Brescia ha deciso di inviarmi la cartolina elettorale a "Kfar Tapuah, 44829 Shomron, Territori dell'Autonomia Palestinese". Da quando i sindaci italiani sono incaricati di inventare fanta-politica estera? Questo succede il giorno dopo la sparatoria nel Museo Ebraico di Brusseles. C'è una connessione?

This message is sent to the Mayor of Brescia, to the Israeli and Italian Foreign ministers, to the Italian consulate in Jerusalem and to the editors of major newspapers.
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