Yitzhar Yeshiva Boys Are No Holy Worriors, Unfortunately

B"H - By default I'd be with the Yitzar boys, as they are against the State, but then, last time I was there, they threw a stun grenade against my car for no reason other than I was not and I am not - them. So, it seems they are just as power-freak as the xtian-loving Cement Zionists and their xtian-loving rabbis.
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  • Ezra Stein Why did they throw a stun gernade at your car? Was it a case of mistaken identity?
  • Ariel Ben Yochanan I gave a ride to Baruch who was distributing a Rav. Tzuriel letter against the Jewish (Cement Zionist) violence against Jews (Breslevim). They wouldn't let the flyers in to their yeshiva, they harassed Baruch and threw the bomb on my car. Conclusion: They want their own State, it has nothing, zero to do with Torah.
  • Ariel Ben Yochanan As above, Moshele!
  • Ruth Cohen Harif tell me more about the leaflets you were distributing
  • Ariel Ben Yochanan it's on my blog, hang on, let me find it
  • Moishe Rubinsky Ariel, how is such a group of "yitzar" meaning "pure oil" be xtian loving clement Zionist and xtian rabbis. Look I don't understand, I am not being an ass hole. This group seems to be of us but act like anti-Torah. What's up?
  • Ariel Ben Yochanan OK, so Ruth Cohen Harif I can't find it, maybe I didn't put it up. Anyhow, it was a letter telling the Zionists to stop the violence against the Breslevim, mainly in Givat Ronen. The Givat Ronen council is run by the so called religios Zionists and at that time they were cutting the water lines and shorting the electricity of the Breslevim. Moishe Rubinsky, it's like a set of Chinese boxes of graduated size, each fitting inside the next larger box. The outer largest box biggest bully is the Netanyahu governed kofer State, that is secular and has nothing to do with Torah. Their terror arm against the "good Jews" is the also secular and anti-Torah IDF, that comes in at 3 am and destroys Jewish housing with families and little kids in them, to show who's the boss, just like in the Altalena affair in '48, nothing's changed. The religious Zionist settleres, who meant to be the good guys in the story are not so good either, as it turns out. They just as much in this for the take, as the big boys. So this is the brief story of what happened in Givat Ronen: The underdog Breslevers applied for a permit for a beit midrash from the Zionist council there. They were turned down by the Zionists, because they are just as sectarian as anyone they criticize for sectarianism. Nonetheless, the Breslevers called in a cement truck to pour down a slab of concrete for the foundation of the beit midrash, which it did. One Zionist tried to stop the operation and ended up in hospital, more for legal reasons than other, I was told. Anyway, the Zionists called in a tractor to break up the slab and at that time they started to threaten the Breslevers and their wieves with violence, they cut their water and electricity. So these supposed to be the "good guys". The latest I've heard is that one Breslever wife was almost pushed off the road and one Breslever who came in to help suffered a heart-attack and died.
  • Moishe Rubinsky Bravo, Yasha Koach Ariel for your above post. You are exactly 100% on the 'mark' Toda raba for your integrity in your response.
  • Moishe Rubinsky Ariel, what the heck we going to do?
  • Ariel Ben Yochanan Sit in front of our screens and cry, Moishe Rubinsky.
  • Ariel Ben Yochanan Maybe we should blow the shofar
  • Moishe Rubinsky yes, indeed the shofar would be a fine thing to perform.
  • Ruth Cohen Harif oh vey ariel and moishe, what horrible story .... yes its all one big mafia gang running the funny farm here....the whole situation is totally absurd and each day becoming more insane
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