Pollard Saves Israel – Again by Guest Author Barouch Levy

B"H- Waiving of parole seen to nix Obama Administrations scheme to procure release of hundreds of terrorists in exchange for Pollard's release as part of a deal to insure continuation of US. Mideast initiative involving P.L.O. and Israel.

As is well known, or should be well known by now, Jonathan Pollard, working more than 30 yeas ago as a U. S. Navy civilian intelligence analyst, became privy to information which indicated that some state or states in the Arab world had obtained or were developing weapons capabilities which were or would have been at the level of a posing grave dangers to the citizenry of Israel. if not an existential threat. This information  was denied to Israel by the then U.S government's violation of an existent American Israeli security agreement. Acting without authorization, i. e., illegally., Pollard warned Israel of the dangers. Most noteable in these disclosures were the Iraqi chemical weapons and the accompanying delivery systems, not unlike those chemical weapons of Syria that the Obama administration so stridently warned the world as to how dangerous they were or are onlya few short months ago. Disclosure or passage of information from Pollard to Israel became revealed and Jonathan Pollard was arrested and imprisoned, at times particularly now, in ways that are cruel and unusual. He has been denigrated by every U.S. administration since then as criminal if not traitorous. Some years ago I attended a lecture on the plight of Jonathan pollard in one of the settlements in Samaria. The activist, who gave the lecture, quoted Jonathan Pollard as he revealed his own thoughts at the time he became aware of the dangers to Israel as an intelligence analyst and at the point he decided to take the action he did. "I would rather sit in jail the whole rest of my life than sit (sheva) for thousands of Israelis as a result of my cowardice". That statement , more than anything else, reveals the motivations, the nature of his activity and information disclosures, and the courage, integrity and the faith of Jonathan Pollard as a man and as a Jew.

Again more than thirty years later in a state of health which was described bt Jonathan pollard himself by way of his wife, Esther, as "wretched", Jonathan pollard displays the same qualities of character strength after years of prison to foil again another plot to endanger Israel and it's people. The news is abuzz about the potential to release Pollard as some kind of Obama Kerry Mid-east package. In a move conjuring up images of Samson in Philistine captivity as a shadow of his former self (or so everyone thought),Jonathan Pollard, with both hands behind his back tied in a Butner North Carolina prison seems to have brought down the roof of the current intrigue. with it architects Obama and Kerry significantly bruised in the rubble.. Victims of their own hubris and their own misconceptions, not only is the this Obama  –Kerry plan going astray, but Pollard and Israel in this affair are appearing to be the opposites to how the Obama administration perceived them and had hoped them to be portrayed..

Most mere mortals, after years of such an ordeal of prison and the failing health it has engendered  and more, would jump at the chance to escape that nightmare by answering a few formalities at a parole board. However .it has been reported as of yesterday that a member of the U.S. parole commission has said that Pollard waived the hearing. Apparently, Pollard, aware that his release would  bring pressure on Israeli Prime Minister to approve of a deal that together with his freedom Israel would be obligated to release scores of terrorist and would  revive the Obamas Kerry plan which is a great danger in itself to Israel,  wanted none of it. In fact last summer in a published article, Pollard decried the release of terrorists by Israel in the following terms He warned that to do so would, "dishonor its dead", "betray its bereaved" disgrace its citizenry" by the "release of unrepentant murders". He called such a move an "affront to human decency" for "political expediency". Thus not only is the nobility of Pollard's  character  demonstrated by his adherence to Jewish and human values,but the motivations for the original deed that he has unrightly been punished for have been reiterated.

Obama has been quoted as saying that "I know more about Jews than any other previous President. He seems to act as if he believes this is so. Actually he knows very little about them. He certainly doesn't know Jonathan Pollard. He thought that by now, with no second thought ,Pollard would have jettisoned everything Jews believe as dear for a  Boeing to Israel, the best Jewish doctors, a five star hotel in Jerusalem   and a couple of hot matzo balls in this years Passover soup He couldn't be more wrong. He knows little about Jonathan Pollard or any other real Jews for that matter. For them the Torah of Israel the Land anof Israel and the Jewish people are Holy and they sacrifice for them

While the Obama administration tries to use Jonathan Pollard as a conveniently available bargaining chip in order to obtain a new Middle Eastern political reality conducive to it own agenda and world view, Pollard's selfless refusal to be manipulated by the ploy puts a new focus on the Obama administration's values or lack of them at this late date in this sad saga of the Pollard affair. He quite correctly is seen as ready to give all for what he believes in. In contrast,Obama appears to be wheeling and dealing in this "great security liability", as the detractors of Pollard  characterize him.Israel gets Pollard in exchange for release of terrorists.. The end goal of this move is rather transparent.The Obama Administration hopes that by releasing of terrorists in such a stunt, world stability and security wily accrue, by this pandering to elements in the Arab Islamic world that are basically similar in outlook if not identical in their view of the West to those who destroyed the World Trade Center.Surrender of dedicated Israeli agent or a criminal guilty of serious security
Infractions, depending on the view, for release of terrorists will no be seen by anyone  as  strengthening the security of the U.S., Israel or any one else. But it is contingent with the Osama doctrine of stability through confrontation avoidance and appeasement, most vividly demons red in the Benghazi stand down fiasco which resulted in the murder of the U.S. ambassador there.

To be sure, one should address the allegation that Jonathan Pollard greatly compromised American security vis a vis theU.S.'s Cold War adversaries. Many people have said many things about Jonathan Pollard with little or no verification. Much of the accusing documentation is still legally unavailable for for legal defense and public scrutiny.However there are very little if at all indications that Pollard had any need or motivations to injure American security. It is quite obvious that he had a great need and motivating to protect Israel from real and considerable dangers. This is clear from his principle words and deeds.

The conduct of the Obama Administrartiion in the present Mideast negotiations is contrary to the basic security of Israel, Now, again, we see Jonathan Pollard conducting himself in a way most similar to how he acted more than 30 years ago. Then,.by violating regulations he endangered himself for what he believed in and now is sacrificing him self in almost the full sense of the word G-d forbid, for those very same beliefs by parole waving.Thus the Obama Administration has quite unwittingly created an episode where the sterling character and motivations of Pollard are reaffirmed. At the sometime, the Obama Administration is reaffirmed as manipulative opportunists of expediency devoid of of the values that Jews, Israelis, Americans and decent people everywhere are dedicated to.

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Esser Agaroth said...

Nice guest post.

I wonder how many people actually know the background story, of Pollard's choice to save Jewish lives in the Jewish Homeland, at the risk of his own safety and freedom.