Commenting On A Comment On FB But One Gets The Zest All The Same :)

B"H - I don't think it is helpful to practice name-calling on Jews, but if you must, the Zionists, who will kick off their idol-worshiping fest later today, with their so called "yom" "hashoa" and public sirens-sounding and silent minutes in Nissan and so on, they are much more of a sect than normative Breslevers or the Na-Nahs. After all, the Na-Nahs still have G-d as god to pray to and not the State, the Flag or the IDF and as far as I know they don't say Halel on what amounts to be a fetish. And yes, this is by all means harif, but I still like you too :). On a technical note, I'm replying now, because I received notice of your previous post on this here now.

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