And The Deception Continues..

B"H - You must ask yourself the question Tomer Devorah: Words matter in Judaism? Oath matter? Well, if the answer is yes they do, how is it that ppl overlook the fact that in order to be in green, in order to be a soldier, the IDF requires these people to swear allegiance to the secular (kofer) State's command-chain? This is directly in contrast with our oath of allegiance to Hashem we made for all generations under the Mount in Sinai: We will do and we will understand: In order for these soldiers to be "good" and "holy" they would have had to reaffirm their allegiance to Hashem, not to the State, which is idol worshipish. In Judaism it is Hashem who protects us and not the State. Let's wrap ourselves in the talit, not in the flag, let's worship Hashem, instead of the secular State!

- This is a slightly edited comment on Thank G-d for Soldiers Like These!
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