Zionists Just Won't Stop, They Are Cutting Water, Electricity To Jews They Don't Like In Sne Yakov

B"H - This is a comment on Haredi Sect Blames Zionists, Persecution for Seized Children
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Esser Agaroth said...

Can you please tell us more about what's been going on up there.

I heard about this happening on the other hill near Bracha, cue to not adhering to R' E. Melamed, or something like that.

What's happening now?

Ariel ben Yochanan said...

B"H - What's happening there pretty much depends on who you're talking to. My take? There is a war between sects up there. On one side there are the Breslevers, on the other the Religious Zionists aka Melamedites. Now, you want to know the particulars, right? So, assuming that I know what I'm talking about, the Breslevers asked the ruling council there to build a beit midrash, a study-hall. They were refused. They nevertheless called in a cement truck to pour the foundation. One big guy tried to stop the cement truck and got hurt by doing so and went to hospital. Next a tractor was called in to tear up the cement slab, which it did. Then the Melamedites went to the police and had some of the Breslevers arrested and subsequently distance-ordered by a "judge". Then they threatened their wives and children with violence and cut their water pipes and electric connections. The RZ "rabbi" of I don't remember what, either Yitzar or Itamar was asked to intervene to stop the escalation and he refused. There is a Rav.Zuriel letter to condemn the threat of violence but the RZs refuse to display it in their yeshivas. Rav. Richter is on the Melamedites' side, I am on the Breslevers. He says law and order is paramount and he has his sources. I say law and order (the seven good men of the community) cannot rule against Torah. So, there you are, there wil be bloodshed, I fear, G-d forbid.