So Called "palestinians" Don't Recognize Israel As Jewish State

B"H - Another Simple Answer: The State of Israel is not Jewish, because it is "democratic". For a state to be Jewish it has to have Jewish institutions, prescribed by Torah. A Jewish state has to have a Jewish king, the Sanhedrin and the Cohen Gadol running the show in the Temple, on the Temple Mount of Jerusalem. These are the institutions of a Jewish state, with Jewish checks and balances. The present prime minister's office, democratically elected kneset and so called "supreme court" (that has zero respect for halacha, for Jewish Law) are Hellenistic institutions with goyshe checks and balances that we learned from the nations in the exile and bought back with us to the Land of Israel. With other words by maintaining and rallying behind the present system (voting, elections, political parties, coalition governments, etc.) we are wasting our time on something that has no Jewish content and value whatsoever. It simply is ridiculous to pretend that our enemies recognize us as a "Jewish State" while we ourselves do everything possible and imaginable to render the state non Jewish, like using another non-Jewish institution, the IDF, to destroy housing, businesses and synagogues, just because they are Jewish. For all practical purposes, this is an anti-Jewish state and the so called "palestinians" know it and they will never recognize this state as Jewish, simply because it is not.

- This is a comment on Another Simple Question and a censored talkback on Fatah backs Abbas: No recognition of Jewish state

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