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B"H - Well said! Let me add that this State of Israel is never Jewish. Why not? Because its Jewishness doesn't depend only on what it does and how, but on what it is. For a state to be Jewish it has to have Jewish, Torah-prescribed institutions, which are a Jewish king, the Sanhedrin and the Cohen Gadol running the show in the Temple, on the Temple Mount of Jerusalem. The present prime-minister's office, "democratically" elected kneset and so called "supreme court" are not Torah institutions, but as you correctly said intrinsically Hellenistic "democratic" ones that we learned from the nations and bought back with us from the exile. Don't misunderstand me: I don't think democracy is bad, indeed I think it is good - for the nations, not for us. We have Torah-prescribed institutions to establish and run on the Land and therefore by not doing so we are not only wasting our time but clearly we also anger Hashem, our G-d. How do I know? Easy, He withholds His holy peace from us. Only if we had peace and prosperity on the Land, people would be right in claiming that everything we do here is right and that's exactly where the lie of Zionists lie. Pun intended.

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