Don't Spread The Zionist Lie

B"H - We are not living under Jewish rule Fred. We are living under erev rav rule and actually it is a huge distortion of Torah and an irresponsible disservice to the Jewish people to try and brainwash them into something that assimilates the worshiping of the Golden Calf. If we lived under Jewish rule, the state would have built the Temple on the Temple Mount of Jerusalem in the past 65 years and its institutions would not be bad carbon-copy imitations of the goyshe states, but would be the Jewish king, the Sanhedrin and the Cohen gadol running the show according to Torah, instead of the present setup of kneset, prime minister and "supreme court". How can you and others mix one [system] for the other is a mystery to me. I don't know you personally, but I think you must have vested interest in maintaining the status quo, othervise you'd not contribute to the spreading of the Zionist lies.

- This is an answer to Fred's: "This is the first time in over 2000 years that Jews are living under Jewish rule and not foreign rule in the land of Israel!! If that means nothing to you, than I give up."
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