Are Jews Allowed To Vote In Israel?

B"H - Just remember that when you vote in Israel, and I now you insist on taking part in the political process, you are agreeing to be governed by the civil structure of the state, which is of course secular (read kofer). So the fundamental question-mark we should be interested in and interrogate ourselves on is the relationship between the act of voting (running for kneset, etc.) and the Revelation in Exodus: We will do and we will understand: Are we told to vote for a kneset of Jews and Arabs that passes (man-made) legislation over us or did we reserve this function to Hashem for all generations? My take is that the latter is the case and empowering these monkeys with our votes is actually a negation of accepting Hashem's rule over the World and thus our very being - well, Jews.

- This is a comment on Israeli Aid To Africa: It's A Lot More Than You Think
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