Using Xtian Instead Of Jewish Labor

B"H - Unfortunately both the owners of the Tura Winery in Rehelim and that of the Psagot Winery mentioned in this article, and some other wineries in the area, in their limitless greed use slave xtian missionary labor instead of our local Jewish youth in their wines. This poor decision will inevitably haunt them as Hashem, our G-d is watching.

- This is a censored talkback on 'If Europe Doesn't Want Our Wine It's Their Loss'
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To The Hope Of Israel Baptist Mission, Inc.

B"H - As a Jew I resent being targeted by you on Facebook with your suggested posts. I already have a relationship with G-d, thank you very much, and do not need to be "saved" by your man-god idol worshipers.

- This is a message sent to the above group on facebook. You are invited to do the same and report the message.
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There Is No End To The Immorality Of The Secularist Zionist Propaganda

B"H - Hihihi, zealous Zionist anti-Torah propagandist Yaakov Kirschen and his immodestly dressed LSW, Long Suffering Wife, are so desperate to sell their blasphemous Dry Bones Passover "Hagadah" that they are offering a digital copy of it at a discount for "your tablet, ipad, mobile or computer". As if we could use these electronic devices at our Seder tables on the Seder night! Ha!

- This is a comment on the Dry Bones digital Haggadah
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The State's Army

B"H - If the state's army is gay friendly than there must be a problem with the state's Jewish character, because in the Torah homosexuality is an abomination.

- This is talkback # 7 on IDF in top-ten most gay friendly armies
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The Real Criminals

B"H - The real criminals in my book are the Central Banks which are out to "protect" me and provide "legal tender" money supply as debt to the commercial banks, which in their turn fractional lend. There is no wonder people want to escape this mother of all Ponzi schemes.

- This is talkback # 1 on Israel warns public on bitcoin risks, mulls regulation
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Kosher Slaughter Is Humane On Kosher Animals!

B"H - The reason? Divine design! Kosher animals have blood-supply to their brains only through the cut arteries. Non kosher animals have additional arteries to supply the brain with blood, therefore they suffer. Kosher animals loose conciseness immediately.

- This is a talkback on Denmark: Claims of anti-Semitism insulting
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The Truth However Is..

B"H - ..The truth however is that Mr. Bennet operates within the democratic framework, i.e. got himself elected and his party has an electoral weight, whereas the author of this piece, Colonel (res.) Shaul Arieli operates outside of and indeed against the democratic framework, in as much as the "Council for Peace and Security" is nothing more than a great sounding EU funded leftist thinkers' club and the also great sounding "Geneva Initiative" is just an unofficial gathering of bigheads thinking of representing someone, other than themselves. With other words, the real bluff is where Mr. Arieli stands and it will indeed be exposed.

- This is talkback # 11 on Bennett's great settlement bluff will be exposed
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Are Jews Allowed To Vote In Israel?

B"H - Just remember that when you vote in Israel, and I now you insist on taking part in the political process, you are agreeing to be governed by the civil structure of the state, which is of course secular (read kofer). So the fundamental question-mark we should be interested in and interrogate ourselves on is the relationship between the act of voting (running for kneset, etc.) and the Revelation in Exodus: We will do and we will understand: Are we told to vote for a kneset of Jews and Arabs that passes (man-made) legislation over us or did we reserve this function to Hashem for all generations? My take is that the latter is the case and empowering these monkeys with our votes is actually a negation of accepting Hashem's rule over the World and thus our very being - well, Jews.

- This is a comment on Israeli Aid To Africa: It's A Lot More Than You Think
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It's Not An Accident That While Mr. Kerry Tries To Freeze Jewish Life In Eretz Yisrael, G-d Freezes The US.

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What An Intensely Unholy, Provocative And Offensive Piece!

B"H - No, Amnon Abramovich, the United States is definitely not "like the Tablets of the Decalogue of our existence". Maybe it is for you, but please don't generalize: For most Israelis the Tablets of the Decalogue are like the Tablets of the Decalogue and the earlier we all learn to rely on G-d, in the prescribed manner, and not on the more or less anti-Semitic American presidents, the better. Why do you think Hashem withholds His rain and His peace? Hm?

- This is a censored talkback on Netanyahu fights with Obama at Israel's expense. Saying "more or less anti-Semitic American presidents" apparently is too much for the leftist Israeli media.
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Red Cross Red Crescent Red Crystal

B"H - When did this organization ever supplied as much as a nail to the Jews the State of Israel displaced?

- This is talkback # 3 on Red Cross decision is protest of Israel's seizure of tents in Jordan Valley
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The Guilty Party For The Pogroms Is The State Itself, Not The Government!

B"H - We should call a spade a spade and shout out loud: These are POGROMS! I don't think the guilty party is the "government", as stated here. When you say (one says) it's the government, it gives the impression that by voting "well", they can be ousted from power and the situation can be rectified. I think that the guilty party here is not the "government" but the state itself, the larger entity that includes the kneset and the judiciary, not just the ministers. This means that there is no way of "simply" voting them out of power; What we need is institutional discontinuity, a.k.a. revolution. Yes, a Torah Revolution! Let's hope and pray that Hashem will give it to us as soon as poss, in our days!

- This is a comment on More Heroic Israeli Settler Mothers Thrown Out of their Homes
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B"H - International peacekeeping can only be a disaster. See Paving the Road to Hell: The Failure of U.N. Peacekeeping on the Foreign Affairs website.

- This is a talkback on Military experts: NATO is very effective compared to UNIFIL
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On How Moshe Feiglin Always Chooses To Be As Ineffective As Possible

B"H - The problem with Feiglin is never what he says, but what he does, i.e. he siphons the good Jewish energies of his supporters right back to where they do not belong, to the heart of the secular, read kofer, political process in general and to the Likud party in particular. What (Torah) good can ever come from there? Besides, swearing allegiance to the state as an MK is also problematic, but I don't want to open up that can of worms now.

- This is a slightly edited comment on MK Moshe Feiglin is Even More Awesome than I Thought!
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By Now This Might Be Boring For The Regular Readers Of This Blog

B"H - This cannot possibly be done by a Jewish state. Conclusion: The State of Israel is not Jewish. At best, it is an erev rav state.

- This is a thought on Three Jews suspected of setting Arab cars on fire detained by the GSS
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Bank Hapoalim

B"H - It is worthy of noting that when I asked Bank Hapoalim for a mortgage I was told that the bank does not offer mortgages in the Shomron. So, the Europen banks should be "just lovin' it".

- This is talkback # 34 on European Banks Boycott Israeli Banks Because of 'Settlements'
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