On What Is Jewish And What Is Not - A Take On The Latest Terrorist Release

B"H - The truth is that it is utterly unreasonable and even un-Jewish in my opinion to expect anything what we consider positive from what we call "politicians". The fact is that nowhere it is written "elect yourselves a knesset", yet we do, even if Torah clearly gives us instructions concerning the institutions we are to set up on the Land when we come and possess it and on how to run them: The Cohen Gadol, running the show in the Temple, on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, a Jewish king, who takes care of the government with his two Torah scrolls, the Sanhedrin and just Courts in every village, administering  Justice. This is the Jewish, Torah system that Hashem wants us to have and to operate here, to announce His Name in this world and if we refuse our G-d given purpose and insist on copying the goyim with this stupid insistence on their Hellenistic democracy, well, we cannot act as if we were surprised when it becomes painfully obvious that it doesn't work for us. We were told it won't, so, what do we expect? That somehow it will work? Why should it? A righteous MK is an oxymoron and the naivety with which we depend on every word these lowlifes pronounce reflects as much on us, on our rebuttal of Torah as it reflects on them. Pushing the analysis no longer suffice, we have to come up with the answer and the answer cannot be but Torah, pretending our rightful Torah institutions. Until we decide to do so, we're doomed, unfortunately. Rav. Kahane tried and failed to reform the system from within and his students' and followers' belief that somehow, against all odds it can be done is as baseless as their propulsion to collaborate with and participate in the un-Jewish institutions of the secular, read kofer State.

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