A Reaction To Recent Lev Tahor Polemics [ironic but serious]

B"H - Seems like an idyllic family picture? Wrong. We are in front of a rare case of full admission of child abuse charges. These children are deprived of footwear and dressed only partially. They don't follow obligatory secular curriculum like maths, physics, Darwinian biology and sex ed in co-ed classes. They are groomed to be pyromaniacs by their obsessive-compulsive  mother's repetitive weekly lightnings of candles. They are instigated by their dysfunctional parents to succumb to alternate reality by direct exposure to freak images on the wall and worst of all, if they are male, we know their genitals are mutilated by an inhumane procedure called "brit mila" administered by an unworthy, unlicensed, bloodthirsty, degenerated, figure called "mohel", belonging to this primitive sect called Jews! Witnesses deposited statements indicating he habitually starts up by cutting off the child's foreskin with a knife, spilling blood everywhere, then he proceeds with performing fellatio on his underaged victim in an effort to clean up the mess. If the underaged victim cries out because of his suffering, this shady figure dips his little finger into a cup of sweet wine and sticks it into the mouth of the child, while the surrounding sadistic crowd cheers on with huge grins on their faces. Reccomandation: Outlaw Jews and put their infants into protective foster-care.

- This is a comment on Canadian court orders Haredi cult's children be put in foster care
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Esser Agaroth said...


Not as sarcastic as you might think!


Batya Medad said...

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