My Impression?

B"H - My impression is that it is Ms. Livni who lives in a bubble, disconnected from G-d and Torah.

- This is a censored talkback on Livni: We're living in bubble, disconnected from world
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On What Is Jewish And What Is Not - A Take On The Latest Terrorist Release

B"H - The truth is that it is utterly unreasonable and even un-Jewish in my opinion to expect anything what we consider positive from what we call "politicians". The fact is that nowhere it is written "elect yourselves a knesset", yet we do, even if Torah clearly gives us instructions concerning the institutions we are to set up on the Land when we come and possess it and on how to run them: The Cohen Gadol, running the show in the Temple, on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, a Jewish king, who takes care of the government with his two Torah scrolls, the Sanhedrin and just Courts in every village, administering  Justice. This is the Jewish, Torah system that Hashem wants us to have and to operate here, to announce His Name in this world and if we refuse our G-d given purpose and insist on copying the goyim with this stupid insistence on their Hellenistic democracy, well, we cannot act as if we were surprised when it becomes painfully obvious that it doesn't work for us. We were told it won't, so, what do we expect? That somehow it will work? Why should it? A righteous MK is an oxymoron and the naivety with which we depend on every word these lowlifes pronounce reflects as much on us, on our rebuttal of Torah as it reflects on them. Pushing the analysis no longer suffice, we have to come up with the answer and the answer cannot be but Torah, pretending our rightful Torah institutions. Until we decide to do so, we're doomed, unfortunately. Rav. Kahane tried and failed to reform the system from within and his students' and followers' belief that somehow, against all odds it can be done is as baseless as their propulsion to collaborate with and participate in the un-Jewish institutions of the secular, read kofer State.

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"Jewish" State?

B"H - Jews don't supposed to wish marry anything to idol worshipers, let alone their main holiday. If Israel was a Jewish state, as it claims to be, this could not have happened.

- This is talkback # 9 on Netanyahu delivers Christmas greeting
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Xtian Attack On Jews

B"H - If the existent churches, mosques, Israel-Vatican negotiations and agreements, popos visiting J.em, etc. don't disturb you, I don't see how this one can: It's only the logical consequence of the country rejecting Torah under the Zionists.

 - This is a comment on Cast a Giant Jesus over Israel
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The Enemy Is Within

B"H - If you push the issue one step further, it's clear that the Zionist mission is to de-Judaize the Jew and to normalize him into the nationalistic framework of the nations of the World. That this is being done on the G-d-given Land of Israel and in the name of the very Judaism they are out to destroy makes it only worse. Worse than the Nazis, actually. The Nazis were and are clearly seen and visible as the enemy. The Zionists on the other hand, pose as saviors, making it very difficult to fight them: Clever!

- This is a talkback on Netanyahu and the Reform Movement
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This Article Is Zionist Propaganda. It Has Nothing To Do..

B"H - ..with Judaism. Presenting the State of Israel as "Jewish" is a big lie, the deception of the century

- This is talkback # 7 on Kiddush cup more than half full
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B"H - Yoav Levanon!

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Commenting On Facebook On An IDF Photo

 B"H - I'm sorry, but I'll be harif (sharp): I have to be, in front of this deception. The IDF is not King David's army, and it is wrong to insinuate that it is a Jewish army. It is not! Don't believe me? This article tells us that the IDF does not respect halacha, Jewish Law http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4169505,00.html and this one tells us in its last paragraph that the IDF's rules of engagement are the same against Jews and "Palestinians" http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4318531,00.html. Furthermore, it is a historic fact that the IDF let itself be used against the Jewish People and against our security, it is the only standing army in the whole world right now that destroys synagogues and housing just because they are Jewish, so please, don't come on Facebook and post nonsense Zionist propaganda lies of the IDF and its soldiers as if it and they were the good guys: They are a bunch of evil criminals, that's what they are!

B"H - This is a comment on this photo
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Zionism vs. Judaism

B"H - Zionists, stop  worshiping the State, IDF, IAF, etc. In Judaism it is Hashem, our G-d, who protects us, as a reward for Torah-compliance, not the State and its IDF. Render the IDF Torah-compatible and haredim will swarm the place. As is, it's a disaster for the nation!

- This is talkback # 12 on Yeshiva heads hold emergency meeting

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London, Washington And Nahum Barnea

B"H - London, Washington may get temporarily paralyzed because of traffic pile-ups, not because of major systems' failure. When our power and phone grid goes down for four days and four nights as a result of a foot of snow, it is reasonable to accuse the establishment of gross negligence and it is not an accident that Nahum Barnea defends them.

- This is talkback # 16 on Israel not a third world country
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B"H - Mandela was a Jew-hater and most of his eulogizers are Jew-haters
- This is another censored talkback on World leaders pay tribute to Mandela in Johannesburg memorial 
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On The Kotel

B"H - Well said! I agree, of course: The Kotel, a replacement "holy place", comes handy for the Zionists, for their replacement religion, Zionism.

- This is a comment on Yehuda Glick, about the Kotel, during an interview about Har Habayit 

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What? The State Of Israel Gave The Bible To The World?

B"H - With reference to your "The Reason", you're replacing Moshe Rabinu in particular and Torah Jews in general with the State of Israel: Israel never gave "the Bible, the Ten Commandments and the Concept of Good and Evil to the world". Judaism worships Hashem, our G-d, the new religion, Zionism, worships the State and most of your cartoons, like this one, are shameless propaganda for the latter.

- This is a message to Yaakov Kirschen on The Reason
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On The Status Of The IDF Soldier: Can He Be Part Of A Miniyan?

B"H - There is confusion here. It is present not by accident, it was planted, nourished and promoted all the way with a purpose in mind and the purpose being the creation and the establishment of the new man, the Israeli, practicing a new religion: Zionism. Why do I keep repeating this? Because understanding this is important for us in order to be able to determine the status of the IDF and its soldiers. It is important to realize that the IDF is the army of the State and not of the Jewish People. Its soldiers in order to operate, to be IDF soldiers at the first place, are required to swear allegiance to the State and to its civil command-structure. This oath goes directly against the essence of Judaism, in as much as Jews are (meant to be) loyal to Hashem, to our jealous G-d. In Judaism He is sovereign, not other entities and agencies. Accordingly, the chief "rabbi" of the IDF recently declared that in his organization the word of a commander overrides halacha, Jewish Law. So, we can safely assume that the IDF is a non-Jewish, anti-Jewish, non-Torah, anti-Torah organization and as such it is prohibited for a Jew to be associated with it, or, if he decides to associate, he will have to assume responsibility for his (or her) association with this evil body. At this point, or maybe much earlier, many people jump on their feet and say various things, like "we need an army to defend ourselves", etc. The answer is we do, but our army should be a Jewish army and as Jews we cannot just give up hoping and praying for and pretending our Jewish army. As far as the protection of the nation is concerned two things have to be mentioned: One is that the IDF has committed and commits terrible crimes against the defense of the Jewish People and these crimes cannot be disregarded and two, that as I mentioned above, the primary action of a sweared-in IDF soldier is to protect the State: The protection of the people comes as a by-product, as it were, as an overlap between the secular, kofer State and the people it rules over on the Land of Israel. Because of these considerations I would conclude by saying that both "rabbinic" opinions mentioned in the article are erroneous, for different reasons.

- This is a talkback on Haredi Bashers Need to Look in Their Own Backyards
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Down With The Mandelas!

B"H - Ynet, you can't fool all the people all of the time: The web is full of texts and pictures of this Mandela man kissing Kadafi, Arafat, Castro and the like. He poses in front of communist hammer and sickle banners with raised fist. He is associated with African National Congress "necklacings", consisting of putting petrol-filled tires around the chest and arms of enemy collaborators and burning them alive. He is quoted as being a friend of the "palestinian people" and portraying Israel as an apartheid: Enough is enough! Stop idolizing this evil!

- This is a censored talkback on On charisma and humanity
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A Reaction To Recent Lev Tahor Polemics [ironic but serious]

B"H - Seems like an idyllic family picture? Wrong. We are in front of a rare case of full admission of child abuse charges. These children are deprived of footwear and dressed only partially. They don't follow obligatory secular curriculum like maths, physics, Darwinian biology and sex ed in co-ed classes. They are groomed to be pyromaniacs by their obsessive-compulsive  mother's repetitive weekly lightnings of candles. They are instigated by their dysfunctional parents to succumb to alternate reality by direct exposure to freak images on the wall and worst of all, if they are male, we know their genitals are mutilated by an inhumane procedure called "brit mila" administered by an unworthy, unlicensed, bloodthirsty, degenerated, figure called "mohel", belonging to this primitive sect called Jews! Witnesses deposited statements indicating he habitually starts up by cutting off the child's foreskin with a knife, spilling blood everywhere, then he proceeds with performing fellatio on his underaged victim in an effort to clean up the mess. If the underaged victim cries out because of his suffering, this shady figure dips his little finger into a cup of sweet wine and sticks it into the mouth of the child, while the surrounding sadistic crowd cheers on with huge grins on their faces. Reccomandation: Outlaw Jews and put their infants into protective foster-care.

- This is a comment on Canadian court orders Haredi cult's children be put in foster care
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Of Course They Are Hated, They Are Lev Tahor (Pure Hearts)!

B"H - May G-d bless these Pure Hearts in their efforts to lead a Torah-true life-style!

- This is a censored talkback on Court Orders 14 Jewish Sect Minors to Foster Care
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